Morrigan is a broken BATCH thread



so this bitch is really high mid tier imo and i think she has some of the more ridiculous high-low options in the entire game.

check out her airdash arcs,

by airdashing df you can get instant high low with jump airdash lp,,

you also get jump airdash df early fp, this will whiff entirely and you can go into low or throw+tron for 35% life, you also have the option to instant overhead here, but i’ll cover that shit in a minute.

you can also delay your attack until she hits almost the middle of the arc, this will let u vary from 3-5 overheads while still being able to cancel into her killer beebutt move for more random overhead action.

another stupid perk of her rushdown… sometimes if you don’t judge it just right, you’ll start attacking a little too late or a little too soon in her airdash arc and even you the morrigan player won’t be able to tell how many overheads are possible or how many hits from the beebutt attack will connect.

random cheap shit when ur bread and butter combos do around 75% life and leave her in a position to re-rush down…

oh yeah, this thread is pretty much going to center on morrigan/tron, cammy is also on my team as initial point character. I think mag/tron and morrigan tron have more than a little in common and nobody on fuckin earth can argue with kick,kick+helper, kick super or punch super for most of somones bar…

morrigan can sj cancel her sweep, so i use it like magnus/tron

sweep the opponents helper+tron sj cancel can be pretty good, if you have extra time you can airdash downfoward after the trip and otg the helper with lp, then do whatever is safe based on ur opponents positioning,

a funny trick on the opponents assist is to sweep+tron sj cancel airdash lp, then lp,fp as they get bashed by the rings and as the opponent comes in for an air to ground counter, cancel into her uppercut for too much priority. she can do dhc’s from here to kill helpers pretty easily.

by delaying your attacks you are also setting up crucial counter hits, i’ll use her upforward airdash as an example

vs somone running away from you, sj before they do, then airdash upforward, delay until u see their sprite sj at u from underneath then counter them with lp,

you can combo that counter hit into mp, uppercut or just a quick fk for knockdown.

basically her uf airdash will position her in a good spot to knock foos back down so you can hi-lo them to death.

also if somone is just turtling up when they sj up to meet u air to air, airdash and tap fp in close for instant throw as long as u space it right.

her air fireball is a really good tool when you kill a character in the corner, as opponent is coming in, sj fireball then airdash behind it with air to air normals, then chain into tron when you both land at the same time, rush that shit down with random overheads or random instant overheads. jump airdash df fp whiffs are nasty as hell right here, after u do that, instant overhead is freeeeee

and now about that set-up

have the opponent crouch, then dash in close with morrigan and jump lp, this will hit on the way up ALL DAY, it’s beyond fast when you combine it with morrigans regular airdash high low game+tron blockstun

you cancel the hit on the way up with d.fkXXfireball or beebutt move

morrigan is a bum so she needs a helper to get beefy combos, tron is the best for this crap

neither of those moves will fully animate, for some reason the height and momentum just cancel it out, and shes is back on two feet again ready to hi-lo like a crazybitch

another good rush string, any time morrigan does jump airdash df fp, so it whiffs, she has the option to call tron and fp throw for pretty considerable chunks of de life…

sometimes you wont be in range for the overhead jump lp, so extra dashing in is necessary. the combo opportunities become more limited here but because you’re still whoring trons stun, even connecting halfway through her assist will leave you with good hitstun, basically free damage, and the option to re-rush if your opoonent stands still afterwards, not likely but one of the options.

another option is regular jump forward magic series starting with lp, mad people will try to hit her as she starts her airdashing so this will actually come into play if you want to counter the opponents chances to limit your rush, call your tron and knock them into her when they get hit by the first lp, just do lp,mp+tron,fp, then cross their shit up some more

one more option here is the airthrow from her airdash, nothing special but useful to have.

a big problem most players will have is that people will try to jump above you and you’ll be able to counter hit with lp,mp only

when people go air to air with her, i try to use those two light counter hits to set-up a positioning mind game,

vs sent flying low if you land lp,mp and it juggles him, you can square jump+tron with her in a very similar way to magneto, only she will cut in at slightly different angles and still be able to cross-up

she can airdash forward thru sentinel+tron into delayed lights, or she can switch side with that airdash and use fk for a fast cross-up. She has quite a few options for crazy angles when you wait to airdash until u are directly above the apex of somones hitboxes. An easy way to highlight this is just sj above sentinel and fall directly on his head, hold either direction so you’ll float one way or another, then wait until you’re sure of which way you’re going and try each of the airdashes, up forward will give you a mid-sj height counter hit options when people try to sj up too. Airdash downforward can be used to early attack or you can delay your attacks for the switch side. The bitch is crazy, i think that should be a good start.

so yeah, morrigan is fucked up, post up people if you want to talk some strategies or tactics

You people hating on low tier marvel are retards, How can other people say that the weaker characters completely suck?!

The silliest side to that story? most haters play games where characters like q and remy or ryo and yuri are the low/mid-tier options. I understand that somone like morrigan has options that aren’t as obvious as magnetos, I also know that it’s a pain in the ass that i have to hook her up with good helpers so she functions well. Thats what makes marvel dope though, because with enough tooling around, she’s a monster…

but damn man, at the VERY least take note of her fighting style and how crazy she is, then compare that to the adrenaline rush that is triple taunt Q.

Too much excitement.

give marvel a chance batches

i didn’t go back and re-read this shit so sorry about grammatical errors ect…whatever, let me know if something is incorrect.


I read that post again and i should add a little more.

anytime she gets a light punch->medium punch in air vs air position and the opponent is counter hit, use it for a rushdown set-up, it’s probably the closest thing to magnus sj lk,lk(for pressure) that she has, much harder for her to boshit her way to landing a hit though. I can’t stress it enough, whore that shit and experiment with ways to dash in and bait out ur opponents helper. even though my whole team loses to doom assist, if i properly bait out doom, morrigan can kill him pretty easily with airdash attacking+tron and sweeps+tron, ground chain+tronXXfireball.

when you’re fighting vs strider/sent/doom and you land any

airchain to ground chain+tron

or high low into ground chain+tron

or low short chain into tron, follow by another airdash attack sequence(this’ll combo if you can airdash pretty quickly)

these are good because they’re simple and effective, morrigan can tag doom every time he comes out, from each angle of approach that she has available to her.

anytime i get a touch on doom it’s about 30-40% approx dmg, you can take all of those quite a bit further but i usually only go for a couple of hits and then re-position to rush down the point character as they try to protect their helper.

the next time that strider calls out his helper vs morrigan, i’ll blast him with the punch super and mash like a scrub. strider is a bum and he can’t do shit for damage to me for using this retarded suicide technique. if i can pin him in front of me then he’s really screwed over by his options. killing doom with 2 set-ups is hilarious. especially when you don’t get hurt that bad for using a shitty super.

It’s also pretty good to framekill dhc into morrigans super to shoot whatever is active on the screen. example, my tron is getting rushed/chipped down, i run away long enough to build up some bar, then call out cammy to soak up something so i can do lunchrush and instant dhc soul eraser without getting hit by something random.

tron’s instant overhead is actually 2 hits, jump straight up lk as early as possible, i was surprised.

any combo with tron into ground drill*mash that shit, then lunch rush quick DHC soul eraser does pretty good life. randumb

her dp and alpha counter are beyond useful when strider is trapping you, quite often you will at LEAST get a trade between whatever button strider is hitting+doom rocks.

her fireball and airdash angles are really good for running away from strider, again you can random dp this guy, keep him on his toes. lp dp has pretty good recovery on the ground.

for some reason that move has a super priority going for it, i can’t seem to use the assist properly though…i need some tips on that shit, i’ve seen wong time it perfectly to win vs many different assists. I need to learn about her aaa.

i hate strider.


nobody posting in here so i’ll keep mashing

at the beginning of the round, her instant overhead is still a good tactic for jumping cross-up.

her beam super is beastly even against storm, she can really keep her honest by just blasting storm when she does any ranged attack and especially hail. that alone will force storm to call out her helper more and morrigan can work with that.

use her kick super to cross-up when u kill a char and as the next character is hopping on the screen. the move has a ridiculously long lasting and wide hitbox, the game can’t make up it’s mind which side to hit on…

when ur using tron/morrigan and drilling all over the place, cheap characters are going to swing and win with priority as you fly right into their move, if you have 2 bars, cancel right outside of their moves range into her lunchrush and hit their whiff with morrigans instant punch super. tron is dope but morrigan is too good and thats a nice way to get her in.

another tron trick i’m workin on, in corner do her fp throw, then use, i like cammy for this set-up but others will work, a small set-up issue-> you have to be a step away from the corner after u throw for this to work well.

ok, when cammy hits them, do trons dp kobun move so they have to fall on the evil servbot and then i go for tigerknee drill variants into throw and then c.fkXXlunchrush or just basic combo. I haven’t worked this out perfectly but it’s pretty sound as far as option trees go, just a little more work and i’ll post up a guaranteed set-up. I was working on that in case i have no bar with tron and i land a corner grab, her average damage output in this scenario is around 65% without supers, add lunchrush damage to that(followed by mashaholic drill) and trons lookin beastly.

I have picked nothing but this team for a minute now, and i’m learning alot more about morrigans ability to get better positioning games going by delaying her airdash. U can really use her movements pretty safely if you let her fall to the right height vs certain counters before you attempt an airdash. Too many scenarios to hit em one by one, but I have been working on it for a while and i’m still finding out new counters to great set-ups, solid shit that she can get around.

her dragon punch super can be useful when somone is trying to pin you with a helper(strider doom again especially), just execute it a little earlier than the opponents attack/assist and you’ll at least trade, at best you can set-up some really stupid dhc’s for good life.

morrigans corner throw set-ups /

-after basic corner combo with morrigan, easy overhead mix-ups mean people are gonna try to block out and THAT = free grab into tron,

the ideal throw into tron combo = fp throw+assist, then lk,and either lp or fp dragonpunch, this sets up a mind game for her as they fall to the ground or as they attempt to get out of the corner. if they play it safe and land blocking, it’s the same rushdown cheap shit all over again, one more touch after the throw and thats all she needs to kill off a regular defense character.

an alternate combo is after throw, fkXXfireball, this does a shitload of life and leaves them standing in a spot where u can rush and mix again

if u wanna super, use her dragon punch super after lk or fk.

only 1-2 hits from the super but a good set-up to dhc for a kill.

no other character as an airdash arc more similar to storms floating rushdown. i think those angles separate her from alot of other characters that have ghetto rushdown. add that to her quick high low shat…

i’m going to money match people with this shit:sweat:


you are a godsend to all of these people complaining about tiers in marvel

hopefully a bunch of people bite and start trying this shit out

sorry i don’t have anything to add

i can only use mag storm sent =/


I am saving it and will try to learn some stuff with her. Thank you so much for your efforts.


good shit mixup. ill roll one up and give some of this morrigan shit a try.


yes, BIG ups for you and anybody contributing to the “low”-tiers.
keep it coming


ey mixup, with morrigan if you go air to air with some1 (say u land sj.lp, sj.lp) is there any way you could call tron out before the opponent lands? i guess what im asking is do the funny bee butt moves enable u to call an assist and get an advantage off a basic air2air situation


This might sound really stupid and obvious but she has unfly.



you should take out that part about the alpha counters. Only cyclops gets enough angle to actually stop me from limboing underneath that shat.

respect low tiers. Who cares if you don’t have an infinite. Any morrigan counter hit into fs tuns into 50\50 options behind tron, soul eraser. That whole sequence is just broken. Its magnus.

marvel isn’t about tiers to an extent. Its about creating scenarios that allow any character to do what the best characters can do. If you can do that safely and your character allows for decent option tree, with a little defense you should be able to beat top tiers.

team function + horable shit = top tier squad.


nah, her angle is good fool, you barely ever stop that upper, lol i am going to aplha u and doom next time, then mash out punch super before doom leaves:rofl:


I havent read your 2nd and 3rd post but I play morrigan quite a bit My main problem is running into AAA while trying to start my mixups, Capcom kills morry very easily especially hes backing up up Sent, those two hurt.

Against Sent I get hit with Random HSF and other shit, his mega armor really helps him beat morry, for example her instant overhead does not interrupt him. One time I was playing, my first character died and a full health morry jumps in right into sent’s unblockable and after that my third character jumped in:sad: .

BTW her standing LP and LK startup in 2 frames, usefull for the switch glitch against storm, cable and Sent. Mags has that 1 frame C.LK but you guys already know that.


j.lp+tron, bee butt move is pretty secksi if you can get it as an opener…it would probably be good other places because no1 can hurt you physically…they have to have a gun or something…morrigan looks open but trons LAST ring is there to protect her…juss a funny tidbit. very funny to see some1 pushblock wrong

edit; i tried mor/sent/tron today and i kinda liked’m…i was juss curious to see what other actual teams people use with morrigan…might try mor/im/tron next…but i think that might be too reliant on her…not sure, can’t wait till i fix my mas


Morrigans beam super does not help that much against storm mainly becuase of typhoons that go right through it. But in comboes its definitly great.

I dont know much about morrys AAA, but from experience it seems that it doesnt have any invincability it just comes out fairly fast.

You got some really good stuff though I hope to see this in action, I dont expect anyone to win any tournaments with Morry/Tron but I dont see anyone winning with Strider/Doom and people still play that.


you can still use morrigans super on storm even though the typhoon will trade, you have to be retarded fast on the reaction, but it has it’s uses.

remember i said it will keep her honest, by this i mean you can force her to use her tyhpoon before she chips with hail, if she does that and u r close enough, you can try and gain positioning on her. it sounds retarded, but it actually has a place, any damamge on storm is good enough when you are using bums. :[

Edit: maybe i didn’t post this earlier, you should only use that option to super when you are fullscreen. if she doesn’t give me anything to blast, i just throw a fireball, do one dash then jump and airdash based on their positioning(if they opponent is positioned anywhere from mid-jump height to grounded, your airdash options will get you a blockstring/counter hit. her angles are basically set-up so she can avoid ground to air counters and helpers simultaneously. she’s really good at pushblocking things mid-air and then doing a delayed airdash to get a different position on her opponent as well.

i have this one dhc set-up into cammy that i always use, if storm does typhoon hail and morrigan has enough time to make contact with the beginning of her punch superXXcammy KBA works really well as a framekill, it’ll fly right through whatever

it’s also good to chase sentinel while he tries to unfly too, it’s pretty fast.

Max: as far as top tier morrigan teams, i’d say morrigan/ storm or sent/tron is easily the cheapest. cable will annoy anyone with tron+good aaa too. i really like cammy as my 2nd, i’ll run that shit vs top tier teams, too many ways to keep getting in vs sent/cable/storms keepaway. check out the cammy and morrigan threads and i basically post up most of what i know with each of them. they too nice homie. we also been having monthly tourneys in tallahassee, you should come to one of them, i’ll pay for part of your expenses if you can make it, we’ll work it out.

i work with all of the low tier rush bitches and rogue works pretty good as point with morrigan as 2nd. that shit is 1 touch kill too, easy rogue combo w tron, GNSXXkick super with morrigan is beeeeeefy. rogues aaa is pretty crappy, but anytime sentinel is flying back, it’ll tag him, and morrigan gets to throw a fireball early for cover and follow-up.

imo, pick your low tiers based on how u feel they handle the crucial match-ups, i pick a bunch of different low tier teams, but for vs top tier i only can really win with a few right now.



gambit/cammy or morrigan/tron

my xvsf team is gambit/charlie/tron, even tho charlie has a bum aaa, gambits ground to air priority is so beastly that it doesn’t matter. i just use charlie for sj’ing and triangle jumping opponents, or i’ll out prioritize with gambit.

silly assist punishing

gambit: (backwards kick super)


or you can do one of those and then dhc into either character for extra life on the helper. shit is like 85%+

you can do those right in ur opponents face and they gotta defend.

they can still roll but nobody wants to get hit by low tier so they block and their helper loses mad life.

one more EDIT: after tripping a helper with gambit+tron, his fp dp move will reset each time it hits for some retard damage on a helper.

gambit in corner, fp throw,,, fp dp move will combo on normal body types. 80+ points of life. you can super and other stuff too.


yeah i used to play her like a ghetto ass magneto when I was a noob and didn’t know much about the game. I was like “wow this airdash is nice (didn’t know about mags and storms beings gods and being able to do it too XD) and using high-low side to side mixups/rushdown with shuma gorath’s eyeballs assist”

now I like to launch, sj., then dash for a crossup reset. if you just dash forward she goes to the other side…BUT if you do her dash+down it looks pretty much the same like she’s going to the opposite side (from the whole screen angle from them being launched) but she lands on the same side. you can mixup a bit with that, then if they are the right size throw her infinite in there (the launch, lk., down+hk, lk beebutt, lp, launch, repeat) and then repeat with that reset, mix it up, and then maybe do her standing infinite and you still have those other options.


wow morrigan is beastly with tron. Her overhead game really opens up behind her.

launch, air dash up, lp, fp, rh creates flying screen knockdown, w\o the running animation that usually associated w\ it. Morrigans dash is really crappy so cheating FS is the way to make the most of her rush down. You get faster re-rush patterns as well as the oppurtunity for a free sandwhich tron w\o your opponent having a wake up option. I think viscant said that there is no true wake up in marvel so you want to knock them down and play options.

alot of characters benefit by manipulating flying screen. When you cause flying screen, the screen will shift to the spot where the character will land. If you cause flying screen on the same plane as the current screen, you will get fs properites w\o the screen shifting. A prime exampe is spidermans FS with fp. It knocks them straight to the ground on the same screen plane so theres no screen shift but you get FS KD propertiers.

morrigan: throw+tron in the corner, dash, dash, c.fp hits in the back for xup and the throw into tron causes forced OTG roll.


Good stuff, does that corner crossup work on all the top 4?


shit is gdlk


Wait, Morrigan can FLY?

WTF someone find insanely retarded unfly combos STAT.