Morrigan: Point of Anchor?



Morri on point or anchor (or second…), each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Which do you prefer and why?


I put her as anchor, but shes also the 2nd character for me in some ways. For example, my team is Joe/Vergil/Morri, and when Joe cant get it done, I ussually go straight to Morri instead of Vergil. So then I have astral and Devil Trigger Rapid Slash to back me up. At the same time, if someones plowing through my team, I can rely on lvl 3 xfactor morrigan to maybe clutch out a win. I also like Vergil’s DHC’s more than Morrigans.

So ideally, if you want a team based around Morrigan using assists, you should have Point Character/Assist Character that can hold their own/Morrigan

Another good example would be, say Spencer/Doom/Morrigan.


Point, for two reasons -1.) It’s harder to stop her bullshit early on with less meter to spend, and 2.) she has very, very good tools to deal with the start of round bullshit.


I’ve been thinking of point Morrigan, but her dark harmonizer (meter building) assist is really good too. So sometimes I let Doom and Morrigan switch places.

If I run Morrigan 2nd, I do a run away Doom on point. Not that I’m not confident in my Doom play, but I feel he can do decent run away as well. The only person building meter is the person who is either hitting, getting hit, or calling a meter building assist. If done right, the only person getting meter is the one running away and spamming Morrigan assist. Once you have a comfortable amount of meter, just Doom finger lasers into Morrigan Astral vision for a generally safe THC. By this time, you most likely have more meter than the opponent and maybe even whittled them down a bit. Don’t underestimate the power of up-back.

Think of it like those gimmick Phoenix teams you see online that just run away and Morrigan assist.

Morrigan’s meter build assist, despite being nerfed slightly, still builds meter incredibley fast. So fast that it’s fine to waste two bar on a THC to get Morrigan in.

In Ultimate, I feel that meter is much more hard to come by. Whatever gives you the edge in meter gain seems much more important in this game than in vanilla.

Also, running away while calling Morrigan assist makes you even more of a jerk. If you run Morrigan/Doom, you’re most likely wanting to troll anyway with Soul Fist/HM. Why not take it to the next level.

I’ve also been taking your advice and Strider anchor has proven to be the best of all anchors in this Morrigan/Doom pairing. I also feel that Strider can blow up the Ageojoe viewtiful joe strategy. Still salty about that win, but congrats to Kusoru.


@Nooneyouknow: Would you mind elaborating further on your second point? Thanks :slight_smile:

While I hate going off topic in my own thread, I don’t think Strider completely blows up that strategy. I’m assuming you are talking about using vajra to smack joe outta the air. That wouldn’t stop the log trap assist which is what was giving everyone such a hard time. Vajra would make it harder for Joe to do cross up set ups with the log, but even if he gets smacked by vajra, log would make it hard to go for the otg pickup. I think Vajra could help, but it doesn’t shut down the strategy. I think AV morrigan would have done quite well against that team which is why I’m sad Chris G got knocked out


Well, there are a couple deadspots to log trap. The whole opposite side and the bottom corners. These are places where the log trap cannot hit and where Morrigan likes to be. Also HM can stay behind in this area pretty safely and Vajra can be used to out projectile Joe and keep him grounded. Then again, I’m just theory fighting. But I’ve at least played a few Joes with Morrigan/Doom/Vajra and it’s proven effective. Though I, like everyone else needs RR experience. Almost all Joe’s I’ve seen play him very similar, either superjump/double/triple jump, dive kick or charge voomerang or stay along the ground either jumpin in with S covered by assist or playing keepaway with air dash voomerangs. I believe Morrigan can counter that at least with the help of Vajra.


Agreed :slight_smile:


One of the best walk speeds in the game, silly good normals in standing/crouching/jumping L, flight canceled Shadow Blades, 1 frame H Vector Drain flight OS, and if it really comes down to it, Shadow Servant. These options allow her to deal with whatever an opponent wants to throw at her at the very start of the round in one way or another.


i always run my morrigan on anchor. she is my best by far. with level 3 x factor her speed is really good and she can easily cross people up, and throw projectiles and dash with them as cover. makes it really easy to just assult people, especially if u get em with high low mix ups like L shawdow blade, flight, S. i guess damage isnt that good though…


I personally put Morrigan in the second slot on my team. Mainly for the Dark Harmonizer assist. I mainly put Frank in my anchor position, however if he dies, I will make Morrigan my anchor (takes a little time to master her lvl 3 X-factor speed increase, but its worth it once you got it down :))

That’s my set up. She fits pretty comfortably in any spot on the team.


Morrigan goes second for me, I like to build meter with spencer and dark harmoniser and then DHC into astral vision off a bionic arm or maneuvers.


2nd is much more important rule then people give, and as learn to know Morrigan, I just understood she ain’t fulfilling that rule very well.
Having those strategies to what to do when you are on the run is good, even great. But a 2nd character must be there and ready to start working her way back into the game after your first character got bodied. In the good case she is getting DHC’ed in, in the worse case, she’s getting in after the first character died.

Morrigan is more then capable holding an advantage. More so, in even situations, where both player are more or less on even ground, she makes more then a solid choice since she is a real Jack(lin?) of all trades. But, like it or not, she has quite a hard time getting back from a disadvantage situation, as her damage is ok at best, with Supers that doesn’t add much, and quite ruin DHC options. AV is good, even stupidly good, but it is possible to lame it out, and when Morrigan need to get the hit, this super might not allow it. Plus, I’m not entirely happy with how she extends her combos with hit confirm XF for the kill (lvl 2 and above).

If you really need the meter i would place her as anchor. But other then that, She is really not that helpful in that spot, as her XF3 ain’t gonna snowball anyone (or anyone that matter) and she doesn’t have such a good assist to be kept for 2 characters.

Don’t get me wrong, Morrigan is a character with lots of qualities, but for optimal use, I would place her first. I’ve ran for quite some time a team of Wesker/Morrigan/Strange, so i’m quite familiar with her on 2nd spot, and lately i switch between Wesker and Morrigan, and I feel as the match is a little less about, is Wesker got a chance to body his entire team (or at least their 1st)


XF3 ain’t gonna snowball anyone?
That’s exactly what it’ll do! With X3 she’s so fast she can fill the screen with shit incredibly quickly and if they get hit by one fireball in mid air that’s 50-100% damage right there if you’ve been throwing out astral mode fireballs. That’s not mentioning the quick air mobility.
She’s not without her problems as an anchor but she’s certainly not a bad anchor.


I think she’s not great as anchor because she needs an assist to keep people from avoiding her fireballs up in the air. Even just catching someone who flies/dashes will be hard.


As someone who runs her third, and has made numerous comebacks with her even outside of X-Factor: she is not a good anchor. Best first or second.


I agree. I have also made some ridiculous comebacks with Morrigan but it usually involves my opponent making a few mistakes along with Level 3 X Factor + Astral Vision.

I think Morrigan’s best position is second so that she can enter the match with momentum and you can DHC into Astral Vision.


Point for me because Morrigan reaches her full potential with missiles, but I dislike Doom in the anchor slot since he has no comeback mechanic. This places Morri/Doom 1,2 for me