Morrigan problem opponents?



So I’ve been playing more than my fair share of Morrigan lately (usually Morrigan/x/TBonne, where X is either Cable, SilSam, Sent, or even CapCom), and been slowly learning how TBonne really helps her out. Since I’m sure others have been down this road before (Sherwin, Stilt) - who gives Morrigan nightmares, and who does she 0wn?

So far generally I’ve found that Morrigan/TBonne tends to 0wn MSP, Morrigan generally beats Mags or Sentinel as long as you only screw up one time per match, and Cable seems to be her bogeyman among the big 4. Who else should I be on the look-out for?

Or - if you think Morrigan sucks - why would you not want to use her?


I love morrigan but how do you fight those guys with her? i understand her being able to beat magneto just because she has tron assist ;p

beating sentinel just because he has cap for her to counter assist but what if he doesn’t carelessly call capcom, how do you get in on his zoning?

Also, you don’t mind fighting storm with her?

Anyways morrigan tron is very fun and throw into tron assist is hilarious, so are the combo’s and some of the rushdown

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Right - TBonne eats up any sloppiness on the part of Magnus. Morrigan’s really quick, so while Magnus positions himself in the air for his drop-down dash into combo attempt, she can dash and reorient herself and drop TBonne where appropriate.

Vs. Sent is harder if you get pinned down. If you can get into the air, her air fireballs can give you space, and you’ll usually hit Sent with at least a couple of those per match if he doesn’t wave-dash underneath. If he wave-dashes, you’re likely looking at air-dashing yourself to the other side of the screen and starting over. Her air dragon punch (and ground too, although you’ll likely want to stick with the quicker recovery you get from the jab version) help knock down Sentinels that get too close. Basically… if they’re in the air, you’ve got to knock them down because otherwise you’re in trouble (as always with Sent). As such, I usually use either Cable (preferred) or CapCom as character #2 for their AAA against Sent. Once you’ve knocked him down, you can dash and go for the TBonne cross-up.

Storm hasn’t been that popular of late, but I haven’t had much trouble with the few Storms I’ve played against (generally pretty good ones). Again, her low health makes her really vulnerable to the Morrigan (air-)dash/TBonne cross-over - if you do the down-swooping air-dash with TBonne cover, you’re pretty much covered. Run-away Storm has been a problem so far, and that’s where I’ve been switching to my MegaMan team.


It’s very difficult for Morrigan/Tron to take on Sentinel. You don’t have any high priority attacks to take Sentinel on with (unlike Magneto or Storm) and are forced to chase him down. This sucks and while you might get lucky occasionally and pin Sentinel down for awhile, since Morri doesn’t have good attack flow you won’t be able to keep him down for very long.

I use Morrigan from time to time… she’s got issues.


I’m starting to revive playing Morrigan after a hiatus of Cammy-playing…

One char not mentioned that Morrigan should watch for has to be Rogue. With Morrigan’s lack of stamina, it’s easy for Rogue to pounce on and keep Morrigan grounded. Add to the equation the fact that when Rogue kisses you, she gets speed, setting up for the semi-never-ending attack that she gets… That was the prime reason why I took a break from playing with Morrigan. Then again, every opponent has a weakness. Some are just harder to analyze than others…