Morrigan Thread. Soul Fist!

didnt see a thread, soooooo.

im likin her air dash, looks like you can do some good rush down with that shit. i was puttin the pressure down with it, so im gonna mess with that later. her missle super seems like trash. i only played her three times, but i was like, this aint connectin to shit, but im gonna play around with it. i’ll be able to post more on her wednesday afternoon/evening, when i get the chance to break in the game some more, and see whats good with her.

add anything to the thread. i’ll be puttin forth the effort to get the morrigan info out there asap.

damn, my bad. i been up to long

I knew it! I knew I remembered seeing Morrigan hit with her hair (her old standing jab) during Darkness Illusion in the old Vampire games, but in this game she does it with Lilith, so I thought “Lilith doesn’t have that attack, so what does she do when Morrigan does it?” The spinning camera cinematic in this game made it even more difficult to see. But I’ve finally caught it, and here it is:

Lilith does nothing. Boo!

(sorry for non-gameplay content, that’s why it’s on this thread and not the other)
EDIT: thanks for the correction, frustratedsquirrel

That’s Darkness Illusion, not Midnight Bliss. Midnight Bliss is the famous gender-shifting attack that Dimitri uses.

And lol, lazy Lillith. So much for synchronisation.

Am I the only one that yells “red rocket! red rocket!” when morrigan does her missile super when the missiles are red?