-Morrigan Unleashed- A new Morrigan Combo Video


The two day wait is over :rofl:, and as promised… here it is.

Video uses the x264 codec

Morrigan Unleashed HQ Version <-- 254 MB

Low Quality Version in post #14

Thanks again to Preppy for letting me host the video.

P.S. wait a few secs after the credits are over. :sweat:


I can’t fucking wait.

I’ll be constantly refreshing Wednesday morning until I get my Morrigan fix.


hehe, it will sure be worth the wait :lovin:


Subscribed. Don’t forget! XD






What he said…


Morrigan <3


Morrigan combo video uh? Cool Cool I’ll be waiting to see this thing.


stunning, loved it. makes me wanna play morrigan lol


Good shit! This video was crack! The combo @ the end of the whole video had me like WTF!?


:rofl: thanks, glad to hear some people are liking it.

as a FYI that combo in the end was supposed to be in another video, but we decided not to use it. Thats why I released the Morrigan video now, cause after evo NOBODY is going to remember this morrigan video.


I will still remember this video :lovin:


LQ Version of Morrigan video


What game? I’m assuming Marvel?

D/L’ing either way :wgrin:


haha thanks Brian.

yup, marvel.




Downloading now!

And I think I know why…


I <3 morrigan

I don’t know if it’s anything I haven’t seen or done already…but I’m sure you’ll prove me wrong!

EDIT: Pretty good :tup:

the doom combo at the end was the good part!


Good shit man! It almost makes Morrigan look top tier…