Whatcha Think?

I’m going to photoshop it up… but this is a scan of just the pencil.

Looking good!

I like the pose. My only crits would be to sharpen up the elbow since it looks a little dodgy there. Apart from that it’s looking great. It’ll be nice to see it colored :slight_smile:

why, thank you

I think the pose could be more fluid. Try to play with shapes. When you look at a figure as a whole, try to look at the silhouette. Right now her head wings and back wings look too meshed together.

Also you have a cut off leg whichruins some of the composition. It would be ok the cut off sections if the pose was more dramatic.

Overall very nice. Good lines.

wow, thanks a lot

MC pretty much summed up the crit I had to say. The wings looked like you were going for a Full Moon sorta look, like on the anime cover, nice touch. :tup:

actually… That was almost what i was going for… Originally, I was going for a tribal / circle effect.

i think i’m going to give up on this pose… i can’t get it to anything that i remotely like anymore… an the face keeps coming out buggy… i typically never have a problem with the face… but for some reason, her nose keeps making her look like frederic chopin.

What do you think of htis pose with lilith?

i wanna change morrigan around a bit before i start working on lilith to make her more relaxed… and less leaning forwards… any suggestions?

they’re too far apart and there’s not enough going on between them, and as a result the negative space is rather blah. Put both chars closer together (perhaps reduce the distance between the two heads by 2/3rds), and try to have them interact in some way – eye contact, gestures, etc.

thanks :slight_smile: