Originally done in April of 2000 using Illustrator. I recently redid it from in Inkscape to add more detail (my original Illustrator file was lost, so it was redrawn).

It’s actually based off her “other” outfit, from her win pose, as well as inspired by the darkstalkers Anime.

Note: this is still a WIP, as I still have more detailing & a background to do.

Oooo, vectoring. Nice. I think you’ve done a nice job portraying Morrigan. Might want to play with the shadows around her eyes more. If you lose the shadow under her eye, it should make it look less like she has black eyes, and would make more sense with lighting. The facial place above the eye faces downward so it makes sense to have that in shadow, but the one doesn’t (unless you have bags under your eyes, then they do a little) so there doesn’t need to be a shadow there.

Good work. Vectoring is cool, I wish I had the patience for it :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments, since it’s a WIP I will probably make the tweaks around lighting with the eyes… I agree about it not looking quite right, and I really just need to find the balance for them to still look “recessed” or sunken in a little bit from the rest of the face… that make sense?

Heh, nice. Very vector-ish.

what you mean vector like? it IS vector.

One thing thats bugging me scislac is the shading on her lower right cheek, it defines too much jaw. You should make it go all the way to her chin and make it less defining. For the eyes, you should try some lines to define the eye lashes and make them a bit narrower and the sides not so sharp. You also need a tad bit of midtone on her eyelid. Good work overall!