Morrigan's Air Dashing



Morrigan’s Air Dash

It’s pretty awkward the way it works. They only go forward, but either down, forward, or up.

There’s a glitch where she blocks right in one frame when she air dashes or something and flys backwards making it look like the gambit glitch but not exactly.

It can be used to trick your opponents block also

c. lk, c. hp, sjxxad down, lk, land, s. lp, c. hp, ac

I’m not that good with Morrigan but I am starting to use her


You can f,f her air dash too, righ as oposed to doing 2p


I’ve seen the comp do some crazy shit with her airdash… Once I landed a hit on her when we both superjumped, and she airdashed up and OFF the screen… thought it was like a gambit glitch… cause she stayed there for like 5-6 seconds… Mebbe if you learned that… could be useful somehow.