Morrigan's DI can combo and this is how

Listen up guys,this is a hard ,but I mean really HARD combo to do. You have to be real patient until you get it ,but its not impossible.It took me months to figure a way to como the DI with no assist but I finally did it . IT goes like this , crouching Lk,Mk,Hk, as soon as you hit the crouching Hk cancel it to a super jump and cancel the sj. with a down dash with Lp, you have to hit the opponent in the ground with the Lp and then you XX the Lp with DI and thats how you connect the DI, but remember that you must XX the Lp with the DI while morrigan its still in the air but almost in the touching the ground, just when you impact the opponent in the floor with the sj. XX dwn.dash Lp. any problems e-meil me at

can’t they just roll out of the d.HK?:confused:

Good find, Morrigan info is pretty hard to come by. Dasrik posted this one a while back, but I don’t think alot of people noticed.

I think it is rollable though :frowning: