Morrigan's UMVC3 MIssion mode

Anyone peg down mission 10 yet? I’m having trouble getting the relaunch in…

Ugh yeah, this one took me a long, long time (I play on analog PS3 controller, it makes things far more worse). Try delaying the jump after flight cancelling Soul Fist H. I can’t really recall how I got it because I was so frustrated at dropping the Shadow Blade -> Flight. Stupid analog sticks…

Yeah I did the first part with the DP flight cancel j.H x fireball as quickly as possible, then after that I tried to delay everything just the right amount so that the dummy would be low enough for S to not whiff. Though if I delayed stuff too much, then the dummy just hit the ground and rolled away.

I noticed that my problem was Morrigan was too high up off the ground after the second flight cancel to get to the ground in time to connect the standing S. So what I did was tap down after the second flight cancel to lower her just enough before I HAD to connect the MMHS. Try it out and see if it works for you. :slight_smile: Good luck!

Seems that the most important part is after the 2nd flight cancel when you have to input J.MP,J.MP,J.HP, this is the best opportunity to slow down the inputs and get Morrigan as low to the ground as possible. You do have enough time to squeeze in some down flight after the last flight cancel as well. I uploaded the mission video if it helps.


The key to mission 10 is to delay the first mmh so morrigan floats down before u do fireball fly mmhs. I did mine a little slower than vesper, its really easy once u slow that first mmh down.

Now i’m waiting on vesper to upload skrull. So lost on where and how to hit the end of mission 10

Forgot to check back on this thread, but I did eventually get it. I was inputting the whole combo extremely fast, and was still able to land it in this manner by heavily delaying only the 2nd soul fist. Everything else you can pretty much do at mash speed. Looks fancier too. Thanks for the tips folks!