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May have already been stated, but…
When picking up a pre-ordered physical copy of MK11 from a retail location, be sure (1) you get a physical receipt and (2) that the Shao Kahn DLC code is printed on that receipt.

Picked up my game at Best Buy this morning, accepted an email receipt in lieu of a physical receipt – turns out the email receipts don’t include DLC codes. If a receipt is physically printed after the item has been picked up, it will be a “duplicate” receipt which won’t have any codes on it (as a default precaution). BB employee had to transfer my call to their Download Center – they verified my purchase & contact info, and are emailing my code to me (but that might take 24-48 hours).

So, just a word of caution if you’re picking up a pre-ordered physical copy of MK11 later on. :wink:


Funny how I saw this minutes before I picked up my copy. Good looking out. :+1:t4:

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first lobby session today with 8 people on pc and we had a bunch of issues. some desyncs whic lead to the game to stop and both people being kicked out of the lobby and overall some crashes for some people but welp day 1-2. still could get a lot of matches done without any issues. netcode seems still solid.

some stages on the other hand seems to cause some framedrops which, we guess may have lead to the desyncs but its early to tell. i like the game so far.

Is there any way to mute people? I can’t find it in any of the options. Just had someone blasting music and telling me I suck for the whole round

For anyone looking to unlock for a specific character.


First Dojo Update



The young characters come from MK11. Raiden says they came from a tournament right after Kung Lao beat Shang Tsung and Quan Chi. This is right before he fights Kintaro which leads to Shao Kahn snapping his neck.

how do I watch my own replays? I can’t find them.
some ppl say it’s on the extras, but where is the extra menu?

do you enabled replays to be safed in the first place?

can you guys check out if i missed something or if something is wrong?

It’s on your Kombat Card under “replays”

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Im at the part in the story where u play as Sonya. Is it a glitch or intentional for her moves not to come out? The character model does the motion for the fireball but no fireball actually comes out

Kano took her gauntlets.

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Damn I feel dumb now. Thats what I get for not payin attention. Lol

So then Kintaro never dies…

The whole MK was contolled by Kronika (from 1992-2019) all along. Everyone was her pawns…

I like the idea of


rebooting the series once again. Dead characters can come back to life. Or perhaps a completely new reality with a big twist, similar to DC’s Elseworlds or something.


Hsu Hao lives!!

BTW I don’t think Mortal Kombat should have a movie. It could have a great TV series similar to Game of Thrones.

but mk has a movie, and its good for the time in where it was made.

Yeah, but it is time to evolve.

The series doesn’t need a reboot to bring back dead characters. Death is cheap in MK.

So I named two of my Jacqui variations Wakanda Forever and Not Shuri :wink: Side note: Where hell is Takeda? Based on the dialogue between her and Scorpion, Takeda and Jacqui are getting married.

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