MORTAL KOMBAT 11 | NetherRealm Fighter Lounge

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No I didn’t. I hit what I wanted to hit, I didn’t wanna make an hour long video so I picked routes to guide people towards specific characters. Kung Lao or Geras don’t fit easy to identify molds for playstyles so id just be faffing around forever discussing them. If you got a character crisis you want easy answers and someone to point you in a direction so thats what i did

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Probably would have helped if you had a disclaimer saying you weren’t going to go over every character just for reference. Maybe even add an edit or annotation with that in.

Solid video otherwise. I’m good at figuring out what characters I wanna play so I’m going with Skarlet and Sonya. Skarlet because I want at least one lamey lame character and I hear she’s better than Cetrion so far and like her design. Sonya because she’s an all around character that also has good zoning. Plus keeps me in line with mostly using the ladies in 2d fighters.

yeah but lets say people are not sure and shrinked it down to 2-3 chars, the video might let them stay behind with a big ? because they dont know why for example when they want to play a zoner shouldnt play liu, jade or kitana or more to say why you did not mentioned them at all. do they suck at that aspect of the game, ect…these questions might then pop up which might lead to them questioning themself and their picks while stayhing behind with more questions then answers.

ps: welcome to the mk11 thead ;p

Dojo Section got a Update - dont forget to disable your addblockers while watching all that stuff to support the content creators.

That’s scary D:

well, thats like start to work in a butchery and complain later on that you couldnt handle it.
some jobs are not meant for everyone and in term of mk…you should know what you get into.

so how is it going for everyone, do you guys already found your main to stick to?

How do I see the netcode connection now on switch after this recent patch? Come on NRS!
No bars shown?

Love getting some quitalities

They latest patch seems to have improved the graphics of the Switch version. Not a huge difference but blood and sweat damage was absent before. It is present now. On a few of the fatalies, like Cassie’s heart fatality, there were some missing blood effects. They aren’t missing any more. The hair doesn’t seem to shimmer as much either.

not sure about the switch options but its still there on pc. are you sure you checked out the online tab in the settings and the overall gameplay tab? when the switch has even such options.

and btw, out of all the systems you could pick…why the switch version? the majority of people will most likely play on wifi so…

Maybe he travels a lot? I have the PS4 and Switch versions. I’m out of town for Mother’s Day and I’ve been playing the game on Switch for the past few days.

for fun or serious online against other people?
nothing against the switch itself but i wouldnt want to play fighting games on wifi against other people.

I only play games for fun. So I can’t speak to anything else.

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Am I bugging or did the Kombat League timer go up? It’s currently 28 days on XB1. I remember it being at like 19

i misworded myself there a bit so scratch that for fun part. since i play a lot online either ranked or against other people i try to have a good connection and play with people who have one so i avoid wifi as much as possible. i might be wrong since i dont have one but i would expect people online on the switch using wifi the majority of time so for online, personally, the switch wouldnt be my go to. as a alternative for the go next to the pc version, for sure…

on pc its still the old timer, i think 7-8 days left. i really wonder what it will be at the end…propper ranking with ranks and stuff would be nice.

Most Switch users are on WiFi. Docked my Switch is LAN but Undocked is WiFi. That said, PS4 is full of WiFi players. DOA6 has shown this. I am surprised how many console users are on WiFi.


Most of the players I play on PS4 are on wifi. It’s annoying AF. They spike lag like crazy

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@appo told me I should also talk here. Posting a good guid from REO adresses alot of common matchup this again Erron Black.

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