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Oh trust me I know that, but it still feels kinda meh with the low starter, it’s easily hit confirmable though and you can just cancel into her gunshot to make it safe. One annoying thing about Cassie(because everything else is so good it’s ludicrous) is that her high/low strings for me personally are almost impossible to confirm from, they’re all in the middle of strings or single hitting normals. down toward 1 for instance is mad difficult to properly confirm, especially because someone could block the low and fall for the overhead, but by then my brain has thought “Gunshot” and now I’m -9 right in their face. Apart from that I think Cassie is going to be one of the big threats alongside Kung Lao and GM Sub Zero.

Still working on maximising damage from every starter I have. I have 25%+ for everything and the 25% is from her F3 overhead so it’s only around a 5 hit combo. Her damage potential and conversion rate is on par with Kung Jin for sure. Improved upon the corner combo and got a 40% for no bars using some new strings in the juggle, so no need to burn bar for 40% any more either.



I finally had a decent run on King of the hill, went 11 wins before I lost to that lag abuse stuff.
Kung Jin w/ Bo. Dive kick, neutral jump punch, upper cuts, rinse repeat. And my counters after blocking always too late and stuffed. Does Ermac have anything to wake up with invincible frames? EX Teleport, I get hit. EX Green ball crap, I get hit.

I had a Cassie try that crap. A low shot into combo or an over head to low. I had some success blocking them.
Eventually I concluded a backdash got me out and let me punish properly. Then he literally just held block and tapped down to try and stop all my overheads/low hits. Throw, throw, throw, throw… Theyd rather eat those then fight back at that point.
It was very amusing when all the respect points I’d get were 0’s and 1’s. They at least need to make this crap give a 5 if someone doesnt vote. All 10’s of course to Kung Jin Spam man.

as for the solo boosting, yea, I maxed all the factions. Even went and did the achievements for win with each char, each variation, see each xray, do a fatality with everyone and get a 10 hit combo with everyone.

I got the damn Kollector’s edition so I play whatever the hell to get my moneys worth. Also jacked an iPad from work to play the mobile crap. Got all the currently accessible costumes.



Cassie is certainly underrated, haven’t tried her myself but I’ve been watching others. I may give Quan Chi a go, I wanna have a character that has a good keep away game.



Dunno if it helps but I upped my average combo damage with Scorpion by 5-8% by reducing the number of hits.
When I watched a video that showed me that I can combo anything from a jump-in 1/2 I just started to replace my 3-hit strings after jump-in 1/2, with roundhouse.
I thought I gotta go Marvel on this shit, but less is more in MKX.

This is the video in question:

I think the guy has the most optimized and practical combos for Inferno Scorpion, I’ve seen so far. Too bad his video doesn’t get a lot of exposure.

Give the guy some likes and views.



It’s stuff like this I don’t have the time or memory to check and wonder when less is more.
Like Mystic Ermac, his TK grab is supposed to do 10% unscaled if you let it time out and they fall. Yet people will still run up and go for 4-5 more hits for < 10%.

Just how I dont like to practice the jump in punch into combos.



If anyone wants, add me to PSN. TojiSake is username. Balanced Kenshi here. I’m getting pretty decent. The combos online are a little rough but sometimes with a good connection it can be pretty sick.



I went nuts on this game and had a vortex combo I practiced until I could do it in my fucking sleep.
Then I was worried that I’d do the old not optimized combo, when under pressure but I quickly realized I didn’t need to worry.
Still, the more combos I learn and the more my muscle memory gets developed for all kinds of strings, the more I can freestyle combos and adjust them as I need to depending on the situation.

Once you get used to your character and he actually does what you want him to do, it gets rather easy to optimize your arsenal.

I never got that far in SFIV because I never bothered to have 3+hours long practice sessions in that game, always thinking "People got 5 years of experience on you, fuck catching up I’ll go play ranked."
With MKX though it’s easy for me to be very motivated to get good at it, and it’s easier to stay ahead of the curve or at least get somewhat decent because right now almost everybody sucks at the game.

I’m really looking forward to SFV now, as I never experienced a day 1 fighting game launch. Shit is so much fun right now even though the online sucks a bit.



Less is more in everygame that’s how damage scaling works…



Didn’t feel like that in MK9 to be honest.



Good thing with sf4 is there’s so much tech, you can quickly pick up the game. Most characters you’ll be fine in a short time, as long as it isn’t someone like Akuma. My only problem with this game is there isn’t someone I want to main, nobody stands out to me as in “I’m definitely picking them up”. Scorpion is generally easy which is why I went with him first. Then I see someone do something with someone else and I’m like PogChamp!



I put up my PSN info and still have no requests. Have you posted your PSN/XBL/Steam handle yet? We don’t even know what console you play on. Why are you assuming we aren’t playing the game just because we aren’t playing you? And if we aren’t playing you we can’t talk about strategy?



Cassie Cage too stronk. Those mix-ups are just too much for people to handle, the scent of top tier is strong in this one.



Already said I play on Xbone, and I know I’m not the only one who does. You can see my Gamertag literally every time I post so there’s no point for me to post it.

I was never making those assumptions, just expressing my frustration with the fact that dudes are blatantly ignoring a chance to do some matches in favor of theory talk.



KONSPIRACY: Cassie Cage Is A Cyborg! (Warning, spoilerz for people who havent played through storymode)

First time I saw Cassie Cage being demoed I thought she looked like an unfinished robot, and now that the games out and Ive seen how she moves and the way she acts in the storyline she comes off as a robot to me. And not just any robot, but from the ending of the MKX story mode you see her glow green. Not like Johnny did, but just like another MK character does whos isnt in this game and thats SEKTOR!

Cassie Cage is really Sektor in disguise, who could have helped Sektor kill the real Cassie then take on her likeness? Well, maybe a certain Sub Zero did since he is the one who possesses Sektors arm and showed it to Scorpion. Isnt it weird how in this story mode that Sub Zero and Scorpion become friends? Guess what, the Sub Zero who is back in MKX isnt the second Sub Zero but is the one who Scorpion killed and came back as Noob Saibot and was then killed again by Night Wolf in the Soulnado. Quan Chi could have brought back both Subs if he wanted and maybe called upon Noob Sub when Cage/Sonya/Raiden came into his lair and defeated him and then retrieved their friends stolen souls.

This is gonna be covered in the next game when the defenders of earth realm still want to save the souls of their fallen brethren like Liu Kang, Kung Lao and Jade (where the fuck was she during story mode?!), and when they discover that Noob Saibot isnt dead but that Cyber Sub Zero Sub Zero is still dead then theyll realize that Noob and Sektor are working for someone else. Noob Saibot Sub Zero has a grand conspiracy to make Scorpion believe he is friends with him just so he can get his revenge for being killed by Scorpion in MK9 and help Sektor bring back Shao Kahn!

I dont know where all of this is going, but I didnt trust Cassie Cage to be a human the instant I saw her while the rest of the characters move way more fluidly, not to mention there arent any full blown cyborgs in the game like last time. Im calling it right now, Cassie Cage is Sektor!



I think the entire thread owes you a round of applause for that. +1 internet points.



Trying Jacqui today, I’m hearing a lot about her and Cassie being stupid and underrated. Also tried Quan Chi, lmfao, my Quan makes me look like I’ve never played a fg before. I drop his summoner stuff a lot.



Try the high tech variation, I hear it has some cancel stuff that makes her pressure insane.



Awesome. I also find Kung Jin’s ancestral really good, but kinda loses to other zoner variations. Kinda gotta keep him at a range where you can hit confirm from long range pokes. Everyone else I just run away with no problem.

Also received my first threat online, dude was threatening me and calling me a nerd. So i kept tea bagging with teleport only lol. Then I plugged my mic in and he was quiet lol. Probably thought I was gonna punch him through Xbox Live. Or maybe a real life fatality, make his mic blow up and his head explodes. Casuals are extremely annoying, I have to mute them every game.



See I really like Ancestral Kung Jin, Bojutsu has obvious easy from anything, amazing normals and a divekick but it’s just not as fun. Ancestral is my go-to variation with him now, mix-ups are strong and his damage is still good enough.

I had somebody screaming at me through their mic when I blew them up with a 52% corner combo, he thought I was cheating. The amount of casual players on MK exceeds any other fighting game I’ve played, still I like playing them and hopefully helping them out a little. One of them messaged me asking how to do the “cool” Scorpion stuff, think I levelled the dude up a little. Call me Valle.

I think NRS brought out a hotfix for frame data? Watching PL’s livestream and that’s the header. Maybe I can finally rely on their in-game resources now.



Haha casuals are the best. One told me I can win Evo easy. Bojutsu I use when I’m struggling in a match with Scorpion, then I just want pokes and damage. I have yet to see someone use Shaolin.

Worst part about rage boy is, he’s calling me a nerd for having almost 100 wins. He played well over 100 games, difference is I didn’t lose almost all of them. Hypocrite.