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Ah, online players and their very easily shattered egos. Never understood how someone can get mad over somebody beating them online or at a game in general, like dude. Fuckin’ chill. It’s a video game bruh.



Tbh, I get salty if I lose cause of a dropped combo or something stupid like that (lag). But I won’t go on abusing the person about it, after 10 minutes I’ll stopped caring. Now if someone shit stomped me into the ground, I laugh. I don’t mind getting my ass kicked because it means I have room to improve.



Get that zenkai boost from an ass whooping, I hear ya man. I haven’t been whooped online yet, I’ve had a couple close sets but nobody has outright destroyed me yet. I think player match is the wrong playlist for games like that though.

Anyways, I’ve been using Cassie’s Hollywood variation recently for those meter nutpunch resets, and I gotta say her nutpunch is buggy as fuck. It goes through characters, whiffs constantly, and sometimes you’ll have the first hit connect but not the second. Even though it offers great set-ups I prefer Brawler, fuck her nutpunch. It requires very strict juggle timing to land properly, and even then it can whiff. Online that just isn’t possible on a regular basis for me.



Playing ranked is such a fucking grind.
Got to rank 224 or something today and I played new players 99% of the time.
Those people are easier to beat than very easy bots, and when a good player shows up, you get wrecked because you’re in your autopilot combo trainer mode half asleep.

Only reason I play so much ranked though, is cuz KOTH is polluted with shitty connections and rooms take forever to ping the whole room.
Ranked usually has good connections for me even though it mostly says my opponents have no bars or red ones (never seen a green bar in ranked), then ingame it’s 90% of the time tolerable.

One thing I wondered was if the leaderboards are region locked or international.
Saw someone called Geoffmeister on the survival leaderboard and assumed it was Geoff the Hero, but the guy is an American and I play the European PS4 version.



Them Sub Zero players that hide behind ice clones all day long is so annoying to play against. The salt is real right now!



Kenshi blows that shit up if you just zone them out. If you get cornered push them out with meter burn push. It’s what I did anyways, none of them blocked. Ice ball isn’t an issue in the MU, your zoning tools virtually have him doing nothing but walking/blocking or committing to some weird shit like meter burn slide.



Lost to a scrub zero. Won 1st round, then it was mortalkombat.ppt. Impossible to deal with random slides. I could go make a sandwich, come back, and the match would still be going on.

I extremely dislike fighting Kenshi and Takeda. Not sure if it’s because of a lack of Kenshi players for me. Takeda vs Scorpion is just dumb.



Takeda sucks though, get in his face and he’s kinda fucked.

Kenshi is strong I’ll admit, but Scorpion can just teleport like a dumbfuck and cancel it into a mix-up.



Yeah but in lag it just turns into random whip vs spear fest. q.q

<3 Empty teleports.

Didn’t spend too long on Jacqui, got onto the game late. I keep missing run cancel combos, not used to them.

I basically drop the 2nd and 3rd one every time.



Dear Jebop,

Fuck your stupid teleport.

Kind Regards,

& Jacqui has a high ceiling on her potential, once somebody cracks her playstyle 100% she’s gonna blow up imo. About to go look into some OS stuff for Kenshi/Cassie, hope to god I can find something decent because hit confirming online is insanely difficult with the latency issues :'c I just commit whenever I feel like it, not worth the hassle online



Lmao, not gonna lie. I just wakeup teleport on people that just press buttons on my wakeup, then when they finally block or play smarter… Empty teleport grab. Online gimmicks ftw! I’ve lost some games online that I could have won if I just ended the combo early, but I’m stubborn. I may have a look at Kenshi too, possessed. Played a little Cassie in Brawler also. Probably just go around the whole cast, I won’t be playing Sub Zero. It’s like Ryu/Ken of SF, even if they’re you’re main, they’re just boring online because they’re so common.



LOOOOL I just got blind picked on player match are you fucking kidding.

Of course you aren’t picking Liu Kang with the Liu Kang background, emblem and bezel.

Done for a while online until the casual fanbase settles, I’ve had a good 70 matches and I genuinely haven’t been combo’d or played a neutral game for all of those matches. This D2 and random special move players aren’t very interesting, there isn’t anything to adjust or beat it’s just BnB punishing. Meh, I’ll go give Bloodborne another playthrough.



anyone know when or where to get the patch that will supposedly fix the game?



Yea, its rare I ever get hit with a combo. a quan chi got to about 9 hits and I was impressed. Typically its just uppercuts all day.



I think NRS track record with netcode is now worse than SNK’s.

I really don’t get why they couldn’t just license GGPO and get it over with.



Because certain FG devs like to pretend GGPO doesn’t exist.



My Scorpion is fucking beast.
I wish there were any MKX tournaments in Germany.
I’d sit in a train for 6 hours just to get some competitive experience that doesn’t rely on online tactics.

I empty survival and regular KOTH rooms pretty quickly and shit gets boring.
I need people who wreck me to grow.



Now you know my pain lol. Can’t play offline matches as of yet, I got a friend who is really close and lives close by but he’s busy when I’m not, etc.

Stats got reset? I haven’t been on in the last few days. I had to work hard for my damn win rate in this lag lol.

I want to give Quan Chi a go, but I need to work on him and I’m scared as fuck to enter a ranked match with him, with the damn lag. It’s only online, but still, I refuse to give casuals free wins.

I think Cassie/Sonya are underrated, I was playing against a Sonya the other day who was pretty good. Then I switched to Kung Jin, just because I felt like playing him. Oh my gosh, the high/low mixup from Sonya when trapped in the corner.



I made it on the leader board in ranked 1v1 at #98 or some shit, then I play against a fucktard with a record of 1/6 and lose the game because I couldn’t do shit in the insane lag that fucker had. Couldn’t even punish teleports with uppercut ffs.
Then I check my ranking again and I lost 200 ranks lol.



Lol, non sense like that is why I mostly do player matches. Or make a room called “training room”. Make one called “scrubs only” and watch how many 200+ players join, looking for free wins.