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Quan Chi is damn strong online, you can zone out people who just do jump/D2 and such. And his damage is pretty good too. I finally met a dude who knew how to play lmao, came across him 200/30 and we had a good set together, he showed me just how much damage Bojutsu Kung Jin gets easily :frowning:


And them im in NYC where there’s always something, but I don’t want to bother with the 1 hour train ride.


You lazy fuck.


Took me almost 2 weeks into the lab to play Takeda on a decent skill lvl.
Took me 25 minutes into the lab to play Kung Jin on a decent skill lvl.
Perfectlegend speaks the truth. XD


Many moons ago there was a time I used beat on Justin Wong for free and hang out with Arturo. I used to get invited out to peoples houses to play on JAMMA’s and all that crap.

Working and marriage, I just go home man. Too tired for anything.


Working on my Kung Lao BnBs, anybody got some decent damage midscreen? I have a 35% for 1 bar and I can probably do so much more.


Kung Jin damage is real, dunno if I can deal with being under pressure with him though.

Haven’t played for a few days, been playing DBZ XV. I’m just terrible with Quan Chi lol. I’m guessing my 200/27 is back to 0/0. I haven’t updated either.

I think I’ll either go with a zoner, or high low mix up (maybe not scorpion, he’s so common).


I’m waiting on Jason. Don’t care if he sucks, I will main the shit out of him.


I can’t play this online any more, it’s a joke.


Holy shit Jason looks ridiculous.


This retarded guy who can’t play for shit busted out solid damage with Jason, so I guess his damage in the hands of a real player is gonna be ridiculous.


Exactly what I was thinking. If he has a move that offers combo extension he’ll reach insane damage. Not to mention his relentless variation and how it completely fucks the opponents controls, and he even has a teleport? Bring it on, let me hit the lab already damn it.


To keep things realistic, I hope Jason lacks the ability to Run lol.


So Ermac is pretty fun. Jason isn’t showing in my roster so I’ve been looking for mid-screen stuff with Ermac. This guy gets damage for free, seriously. 0 on block launcher, it’s crazy.

Damn, you can probably get more damage if you use Soul Release from the Soul Ball into jumping Back Kick. Fuck, oh well. It’s 3AM I’m tired, got shit to do tomorrow. I’m out for the night.


Beat a guy 7-0, last game conveniently lagged, lost to jump back shoot Erron Black, then he quit the game. Same goes for the other matches, only been doing player matches since ranked was even worse for me before. I’m like 30-6.

Do you guys think Kitana is the worst in the game? In fact, since people have such ass internet, I don’t think I’ll even learn her, just jump back throw fans.


It sucks that she has no (useful) overheads, but she’s not the worst.


Was watching a stream where everyone was crying about her, so I wondered. I see no Raiden either.


Raiden has retarded damage output, but his strings are slow and lack range. He’s still likely one of the best characters.

I don’t know all of Kitana’s problems besides the fact that she has trouble opening people up since I haven’t been playing her that long. Whatever they were crying about could very well be legitimate.


I can’t find flashy stuff with Jason, his strings don’t really like to go into one another, run cancels don’t go into much.

Upon further inspection it looks like he’s just a really simple character and has super simple combos, his corner stuff can get pretty damn good but I’ve seen nothing else yet


I forget exactly, B3,2,1 or B3,1,2 is supposedly the best damage ender.
I’m also in the habit of opening with 222, but I did have issue against a DVorah who was doing low moves and going under it.

For the meantime I’ve been frequenting testyourmight, lots of good info there,