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Nah I know it was probably sub-optimal, it was a quick 30 minute job but I have no intention of playing him, was just fucking around because his new alt is sick and Jason wasn’t available to me. Rocking Jason atm, have some BnBs down and stuff.



If you’re using any Ermac besides Master of Souls Ermac, you’re doing it wrong.



Online Sub Zeros are funny. I was punishing a dudes random slides again and again but he didn’t learn and continued to do it, hold the 10-1…lost in the first game sadly, needed more time to download the flowchart. Does anybody online care enough to learn what’s good/not good?



Anyone else has the problem that after a long gaming session you start to lose reaction time, drop combos and autopilot way too much?
Played the #1 ranked player in Europe and I swear I only lost because I couldn’t pick up my focus, the guy wasn’t even good.

Also does it get better the more you play?
I always wonder how tournament players keep their concentration up after playing so much over so many hours.



Online just slowly turns you into an auto-pilot mess. Take a break and play some friends or something it’ll pick you right back up, it’s what I tend to do.

Day 1 Jason Impressions -

Variation ranks, Slasher/Unstoppable/Relentless in that order.

Slasher is by far the best variation, it gets damage mid-screen a lot easier than the other two and the machete gives him a pretty damn good D4 to use in neutral. Not to mention his D2 becomes probably one of the best I’ve used for AA purposes, and he gets a super good B2 for corner juggling and such. Slasher gives him 50/50 mix-ups and a low-overhead string to boot, as well as a mid projectile that’s just insanely good. Easily my favourite. Downside to this variation is that he loses his command grabs, but the power in return is insanity.

Unstoppable is the harder to play but more rewarding class, it lacks consistency. It’s a little like Kotal Khan except his healing buff is pretty damn good after a knockback combo. His damage buff is insane and turns most of his mid-screen BnBs(The simple ones) into 40% but the it’s a shortlived buff and it’s not consistent, so you’d have to be godlike to be landing that damage every round. Unstoppable has mad potential though and if someone who was better than me were playing Jason I’d suggest this variation first to see what’s possible.

Relentless…ah man. I wanted the teleport variation to be godlike but it’s kinda sucky in all honestly, it’s full of gimmicks. Pursuit is a funny gimmick that I’ve been bodying the online playerbase with, everybody just reverts to holding block and you get a free command grab, simple. But it is what it is, a gimmick to get in. The teleport is mad slow and you realistically have to be burning bar and then some to use it proficiently, but hell some people don’t know how to deal with it. This is the more fun variation and it is a hell of a fun time online with it. In high level though this variation imo isn’t looking too great.



Lost in the first? I tend to lose in the last, and then they leave lol.

I second the Raiden retarded damage output, that’s why I wondered why nobody plays him… but yeah, slow strings and range.



Yea I fought a Raiden that I destroyed round 1. Round 2 he hit me with a combo about 51%, I think 2 meters. Definitely the highest I’ve eaten so far. Then proceeded to beat him. One of those cases he knows how to do some stuff but the online lag made em useless i guess.



Here are a couple Kitana combos and a Raiden one:

I should be making a lot more combo videos considering the amount of characters I play.



Isn’t the 60% combo making use of an infinite?



Yup. I was testing out the scaling, meter gain, difficulty, etc when I through that together. It was really only to demonstrate what you could do if they (unlikely) built the meter to Break. We were talking about it in the Lounge.



Awesome stuff. This section really needs to be developed… I may use Raiden, I see Wong uses him too so may be able to steal some stuff. Still nobody standing out to me, gonna be using Scorpion until then.



What console do you guys play on? You can go ahead and add me if you’re on PS4.



XB1 for me.



I fucking love how good Scorpion is in this game.
People at TYM just found tech that lets you blow up every armored wake-up in the Hellfire variation, which seems to turn out to be the best variation for him.
It’s amazing what people find every day.
I just copy and paste like a drone, when it comes to combos and tech, I enjoy playing the game and figuring out how my opponents think and act and how to disguise my own patterns is a lot more appealing to me.

Those theorycrafters and combo video makers, got my respect though, totally love the creativity they show when coming up with stuff.



Kunglao %79 and Fatailty glitch
Check my videos



I’m confused… I saw a combo into a reset. Where’s the Fatality glitch?



Yay PC version still nasty. At least I avoided the patch that kills all save data. Like an hour after they rolled it back.

Eh… netcode pisses me off too damn much.



6 opponents d/c from me and then I just came off. Can’t be bothered with such non sense. I get free wins but I’d like to actually play the game.



Kunglao %79 one reset

Fatality glitch



In that case, I know a 100% with Ermac with only 3 resets.