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Ermac resets are deadly, B12 into like overhead or something is pretty easy mix-up.

But isn’t this Kung Lao reset using like 2 bars just to go into a block 50/50? You’d at least wanna threaten high/low afterwards or it seems dumb. Not mention I can just armour through with my boy Jason for like 22% (Jason reversal in Slasher is ridiculously powerful)



Anyone here got the chance to play the game with an arcade stick? Just wondering what kind of layouts some players are using



Layout from top 4 to bottom 4 for me -



EX moves are harder on stick, that’s about it. I find the games command grabs insanely difficult as well but that’s just me and bad execution.



I only played a little bit, but for my 6 button I went with
Interact FP BP
Block FK BK
Easier to just throw my thumb in if I need an EX.

I 2nd the command grabs. I have all the input options set to no. So it almost seems it wants to me to press down, release, back, releast, forward+ button.
I cant do an old school dbz kamehame ha and roll the down to back sometimes.

And I used to 1 hand 720’s while drunk.



I don’t have a PS4 stick… yet (sigh), but I got this layout in mind.

FP Stance BP Interact
FK Block BK

But I was thinking if I should just get rid of the stance button since I hardly x-ray. Also, does it fell better to play this game with a stick?



You should never take an option away from yourself. Even if you don’t think you’ll use it, I’d keep the button.



I’ve beaten LiangHuBBB’s Kung Jin today even though I was nervous like a little girl \o/



Got a casual friend who was playing with me and another. He was like “Wtf how are you Street Fighter players so deadly? I bet you’re almost as good as the 300 win players.” Lol, I was like bruh, they’re just no lifers/boosters. Play actual veterans/tournament players. At least he didn’t get salty and quit. He knows combos too, drops them a lot. Unlike random Bob on XBL. I still have my crisis, using Scorpion on random and trying Jax/Kung Jin against my friend. He said KJ meter building is unfair, I burn meter like every opportunity and still have a bar at the end.



The command is really FK, BK and Block. Stance is just pressing FK+BK for you.

Except in this case it’s ok.

Side note , finally got the 1k respect. I was on a 15 win streak in KOTH with people giving 0’s and 1’s.
I told them straight up, I’m only there for achieve and theyll never see me again.
I sat at 99% for a good 30 mins before someone finally gave me a 10.
I opted to random instead of MoS Ermac. I got Possessed Kenshi and I only know about 4 moves, NO combos.
I still won. Guy had Ferra/Tor and I’m not exaggerating, Im guess its 111 or 112. Just a punch, punch, overhead. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.
Even if he was the guy that gave me the 10 points, I couldnt let that win.



It’s so stupid how many people you beat in this game with basic 3-Hit strings with lows and overheads in them. Most people don’t even try to block or reversal on wake-up.
I feel like the characters with the best corner carry and high/low mixup strings into big combos are going to be the best characters in this game, since you really have no wake-up options other than guess where to block if you don’t have meter.



If you turn on input shortcuts the leniency makes it so that you can input a special by rolling(SF) or tapping(MK). As far as I can tell it makes the separate SF input option pointless. With diagonals off but shortcut on I can do qcf instead of down,forward but I’m not forced to do hcf instead of back,forward.



Mileena is damn fun but I can’t find which variation I like the most. I have a strange attachment to Ethereal, the teleports have potential and beat a lot of the zoners(Quan-Chi) and I have ravenous because of dat butterface. Trying piercing now.

Okay so it’s almost 100% piercing for which is the “viable” variation. Too bad her F3 is so slow and she has like no decent pressure strings. I’ll still play her online, nobody knows how to punish things properly. Yo I suck with her I can’t cancel B12 into ball roll on juggles to save my life what the fuck.

43% mid-screen no bars damn, she hits hard but her moves are slow as hell. And they’re hard to do, that 43% took me like an hour to land once.



Same for me with Kenshi. I’m nearly settled on Balanced but he has no overheads. Possessed and Kenjutsu have overheads but they have no meterless BnBs.



4 D4 is an overhead that’s 0 on block isn’t it? Can’t remember but I had a 2/3 day period of Kenshi.



Yeah, I meant good overheads. I can’t mix that up with anything and it doesn’t lead to any combos.



I don’t know, I wouldn’t say that’s bad. You get put in a great position and if it isn’t blocked knockdown scenario, not a bad pressure tool tbh, he just doesn’t have a good 50/50 overhead which considering his playstyle is expected I guess.



I think the games to slow to play on stick but do what you like. I main sub-zero. If you guys want to see some cool combos check me out on twitch @ notyouravgcodfan. I try to play as often as possible and am currently playing MKX and a little GGxrd.



So I just finished up my round up of all of the characters excluding Goro(Who I’ll cave in and buy soon for MU purposes anyways) and I have to say I think I’ll be staying a Sub Zero main with a couple of fun pockets like Jason.

Other honorable mentions who nearly made the top spot are Balanced Kenshi, Brawler Cassie, Buzz Saw Kung Lao and Thunder God Raiden.

Sub does everything I need and everything is applicable online. Maybe if I were offline more I’d of picked Cassie but her hit confirms are impossible online, DF1 is so hard to confirm from online for me, always use Getaway Flip on block because I can’t see the block and don’t have the reflexes to input the Gunshot so early to compensate for the latency. Meh.

Sub has some neat OS’ as well. If you play Grandmaster as I do(And probably should be also) you can OS between EX Ice Burst on hit from B12 or Ice Clone on block. Very strong in the corner.

Still waiting for the day I find someone who has optimal damage online for when they hit me. I’ve all but stopped using breakers now, every time I get hit it’s for about 15% tops. PS4 MK players gotta step their damage game up, for instance I played a Raiden earlier who loved to do B2 a lot, apart from being minus frames to hell and back it rarely hit. When it did I was shocked and expected a good 40-50% chunk gone, I waited for the right spot to breaker out to see if he was gonna commit a bar or not(I was fine taking 28%ish for him to waste a bar) but to my surprise he just continually mashed B2 even on hit as I was on my ground bounce. So I didn’t even fear his damage and just let go of the block button for the rest of the game.

Synopsis - player match is mad whack. Come through with that Ranked Match patch already.



Max did an Assist Me around Jason. After playing him a bit more and getting set-ups for the Relentless variation I can agree with most of the things he’s saying. Fairly good insight to anybody looking to play Jason and doesn’t wanna listen to ol’ me ramble about how Slasher is easier than Kung Jin. The only thing I hate about Slasher Jason is that his combos are all just F42 and it gets stale, when I get bored I move back to Sub-Zero and vice versa.



I heard some people had some success opening up complaints to NRS and/or Gamestop about never getting a Goro code and they just hand them out.