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I play MKX on stick, it works well though i do have some “issues”, i can definately see why a controller might be the preferred choice.
First of all you are required to assign all functions, so you have to assign, the stance switch, interact and throw buttons eventhough the throw can be performed by pressing 1+3 and interactables with 1+2. Unfortunately the button combination for interact(1+2) doesn’t work if you have “input shortcuts” off.

So i have input shortcuts on, i also have it on so that i can perform sub zero his slide from a crouching position.

I play Cassie and Sub-Zero, Cassie has a wierd input which i believe was also present in Injustice Killer Frost, which is a bd input, like a reverse quartercircle.
I find it easer on a controller.

ANother issue i have is that you have to release the stick to neutral during longer strings before inputing a special that begins with the same input as the string.
Example: Cassie her b12 string into her bd+3(nutcracker) special. I cannot hold back during b12 and then input the special. After inputting b12 i have to release to neutral and then go into back again for the bd+3. This feels a lot easier on a controller.

I also feel that because this game has so many directional inputs, especially doing back and forward inputs in quick succession is a lot easier on a controller.
This last issue i have has more to do witht the fact i played “hold back to block” 2d fighters, and when being in a crouching position because i’m holding down-back and pressing a normal attack i get a special attack…

Anyway i’ll keep playing on stick as playing on a controller feels too cramped for me but it i do think MK games work better on a controller.

My Stick layout:

1 BLK 2
3 INT 4

The reason i have this is because i sometimes do turn input shortcut off and have to an interact button easily accesible. The block is placed there as i hoever my hands naturally on the top row and the block can be pressed very easily and fast. I can also get and x-ray by doing, 3+blk+4. I was thinking about having blok under my thumb on he bottom row on the left but it felt wierd pressing the other buttons. Another layout had the block on top row with my ringfinger but then i would needthe stance switch button for x-ray… and i don’t want to press the 7th or 8th button for using an interactable.



For anyone who missed last weekend’s MKX Asia Pacific Championship Qualifiers.



Playing too much ranked gave me brain aids.
Beating 40 scrubs in a row with flowchart bullshit, everyone halfway decent can block, really hindered my growth as a player over the last weeks.
Yeah cool I got nice rankings on all kinds of shit but I still fucking suck and struggle to block a lot of simple block strings.

Realized going into full rooms and challenging the people you got the lowest win odds against and playing first to tens with them, is so much more fun and I’m actually thinking during the games trying to read them and change my own patterns at the same time, instead of looping the same vortex that isn’t a vortex.

Btw. after playing good players I found out Scorpion’s vortex isn’t a vortex. Since you can react to the overhead, all you have to do is block low and release down if you don’t get hit by a low. Worst shit that can happen is getting hit by a throw or the f+2 overhead.
I mean you still eat damage but you only have to deal with okizeme afterwards.



So what happened to Sub/Takeda/Jason in the latest patch? I’m clueless.



Main Sub change is that his Ice Clone now goes away if he blocks an attack.



Fair. Grandmaster was his best by far, hopefully this allows more Unbreakable/Cryomancer opportunity in the mix.

Trying to learn the ins/outs of Takeda, he sucks when pressured but I like how he can switch from zoning to offence immediately. B12 > Low Kunai is crazy when spaced. Just need to maximise my damage and learn the neutral a little better and he might be better than my Sub.



At first I thought it was a balance patch, then I realized it was just bug fixes and shit.
I’m ok with that.



Good. That variation is retarded… Free pressure for nothing.



You still get free pressure, you just have to actually think when the clone is out now. Grandmaster is still retarded imo, doesn’t mean I’m not gonna abuse the fuck out of it online.

Also drop an ice clone against literally anybody online when you’re up close and 80% of the playerbase will do D2 and get caught by it. ONLINE MOTHERFUCKING TACTICS.

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D2 is best button. D2 is everything.



Kung Jin needs nerfing, this is fucking insane. I can’t even confidently walk half screen/three quarter screen against the character in Bojutsu, what the fuck are you supposed to do against him?



Tell the Bosch that he has to go voice another character, leaving Kung Jin voiceless and unable to move.



You gotta read Kung Jin. His wakeup armor options are highly punishable and he has bad priority on his forward jumping normals. I can air to air him every time with Scorpions forward jumping 3 and convert a big combo. His bo shit ending in overhead can be full damage punished by run cancelling or less hard punished by going f3xxSpear. Also Scorps down4 beats every button he has.

Still feel Kung beats Scorpion but you gotta work with what you got. I also think he’s free to Jax, but I think Jax is the best character in the game, to be honest :smiley:



Been focusing on SF4 since I had a tournament, got an MKX one too but I won’t be going.

Maybe I’ll be playing some MKX this week, gonna practice Hellfire Scorpion and possibly Cassie.

Jax is crazy good, feels impossible to pull off his stuff online sometimes though.



SF4 feels like it’s dying as of recent, even with the CPT backing it up. I’m finding a ton more of both pro players and my friends on MKX which is nice to see, they just need to fix the damn online. Speaking of SF4, I jumped on it just and although the neutral is a lot better than MKX the entirety of what I was doing felt really stale and boring. 7 years has taken it’s toll on me, bring on Tremor, Tekken 7, UNIEL ST and SF5. Need some new fighters to grind on top of MKX, something with good online.(Looking at you, Namco)



People prefer new and shiny and USF4 isn’t getting any more updates. I don’t think SF4 will ultimately maintain a legacy like ST and 3S did before it. Once SF5 comes out, it’s a wrap…as long as SF5 isn’t horrid.



Yeah, precisely what I was thinking. I think for a game to even so much as slightly maintain a legacy it needs to be immaculate with no flaws, and SF4 has them in the dozens in my eyes. ST and 3rd Strike will probably forever remain “pinnacles” of fighting game perfection in the communities eyes. We’re a stubborn bunch.



Well I think a game doesn’t need to have no flaws. The flaws just have to be either irrelevant in the grand scheme of things, minor, or actually add to the charm of the game. I don’t think anyone could ever say that ST, 3S and MvC2 had no flaws. It just didn’t matter because the games were still fun to play (well I’m not the biggest ST fan but it’s mostly because I don’t really like the World Warriors that much).



Not that it would apply to my personal play, since that is halfway exciting to me (online that is) but watching USFIV bores me out of my mind nowadays.
Even my heroes like Daigo, Tokido and Momochi can get me hyped anymore.
Capcom had the chance to make the game exciting and put in drastic changes into Ultra but they went the cowards way and put all interesting changes into Omega mode which sucks donkey balls, and went the safe and boring route with the main game.

Games look so fucking boring. Timer’s running out way too fucking often, defensive footsies all over the place, like nobody wants to stick a poke out, out of fear of getting whiff punished and shit. Nothing except for Evil Ryu and Zangief does any damage in that fucking game.
Clocks running down to 20 or timing out should be the exception not the rule.

Now MK is a simple, high damage game.
There’s not a whole load of sub systems, 3 touches can kill you (well 4 since combo breakers n shit), option selects are there but thankfully mostly impractical and hard to do right now (consequence of fucking them up are big punishes for the most part) and the game hasn’t been really patched so far.

I feel like MK’s simplicity is a breathe of fresh air.
So fucking easy to understand:
You get hit> You’re at a speed disadvantage= Don’t hit buttons
You block> You’re at a speed advantage= Hit buttons
That’s all you need to explain a noob about the game when they ask “When can I stop blocking and attack?”

Fuck it I’ll be ranting on forever if I don’t quit.
I like games that keep it simple and don’t confuse me with a billion option selects, retarded input shortcuts, 2 million matchups and overcomplicated combo systems that don’t pay off due to low overall damage.
Don’t like option select heavy fighters anyways. I rather have games where I make the guesses and don’t let the input system do them for me.



I just wanted to pass on the word that I created an app for MKX for Android and iOS. I just made it free on Android yesterday (with ads, and can upgrade to Pro version with no ads + unlimited Kustom Kombos) and on iOS it’s 99 cents.

I have an ongoing thread at TYM about it, with links to the apps in their stores, if anyone is interested.

If this is not allowed here, just let me know and I’ll delete this post.

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