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I personally have more fun with SF3 over SF4. I lost hype/fun/interest after Super.



Man…I knew Kenshi was bad but…even Pig couldn’t make him look any better than Bottom 5 even when he was winning.



His character archetype just doesn’t fit well in the game, he feels like a sucky Quan-Chi in some instances sometimes. 52% for one bar in the corner is pretty good though, he might not be the best but I wouldn’t call him bottom 5…maybe. I haven’t even thought of a tier list yet, I should work on one. Raiden, Kung-Jin are my top two, not sure about the third, D’Vorah maybe? I think there’s better though. Takeda is a hidden gem when played to his fullest, top 5 candidate imo. All-out worst bottom 2 would be between Mileena, Kitana and Kotal Kahn. I think they fucking suck.

Been playing Sonya after all of the repping of her at Combo Breaker, and oh my lord is her mix-up deadly in the corner. I like her character but she’s quite like Abel in the fact that she has to put herself at risk in order to deal damage, and I hate that. I like to at least have one decent mid-string available to me like Cassie/Sub-Zero do.(My main go-to characters for now) Her meterless damage in Covert Ops is nothing to sneeze at though, and the mix-up she has is insane. I just wish she had a couple better strings for safety. Maybe I missed something on her combo list, I’ll revisit it tomorrow and try and learn the ropes; I feel like her punishes are awkward.



His character archetype could fit…but they made all his tools outside of EX Rising Karma extremely terrible. Everything’s minus a million meaning he can’t zone effectively for crap and he isn’t threatening at all without meter.

Literally Pig’s gameplan when Kenshi was out of meter was block and pray the opponent leaves an opening to throw or fucks up so you can punish. When he got meter, EX Rising Karma at the first opportune moment. It’s sad that it’s pretty much all Kenshi can do.

I honestly cannot think of a worst character than him in this game right now.



Mileena, by far. All of her strings are unsafe, her only overhead starter has about 50 frames of start-up, no low starters, her teleport kick sucks, Ethereal is probably the worst variation in the game as it offers nothing whatsoever due to there being a block button. Ravenous/Piercing are the same thing. Only good thing about her is the roll, and that she has ridiculously high damage if you ever actually manage to hit with her shitty overhead.

I think Kenshi is low mid, his zoning isn’t horrible it just isn’t brain dead. I agree he needs bar to work properly though, maybe Possessed is just the better option now. Even Kenjutsu offers some good options but just has tiny damage.



Mileena’s b2, 1 string goes Mid-Low. She also has f1,2, b4 for a low starter.

Mileena’s not the worst. She actually has mix ups.



B21 isn’t a low starter sadly. My mind skipped on that string completely, I still think she’s the worst character in the game. Her mix-ups aren’t good and she has no other tools to compensate her lack of good close pressure, her overhead is disgustingly bad. If they gave it a fake-out property it might be a decent little tool. It’s very hard to fall for her mix-ups, let alone get hit by them anyway, you can react with a special to her overhead it’s that slow.



No, his zoning is horrible. There’s ways to give a character meaningful zoning without being braindead. Not having the opponent immediately get in your face from full screen because they blocked ONE MOVE would be a start. The problem is they nerfed Kenshi in reference to MK9 zoning…but forgot that MKX as a whole makes zoning a million times harder between the ability to run and interactions getting you across the screen on top of no get out of jail free cards on wakeup (though that’s a good thing).

If you’re going to make his zoning so punishable, make the moves faster. They have no business being relatively slow AND punishable.

Every fight with Kenshi just looks like he’s trying everything to not lose, rather than working hard to win.



Only good zoner in the game is Kano anyways, and he’s only good cuz he got pretty safe pressure, good range and amazing anti air.



Have you met Full-Auto Jacqui? Kung Jin?



36k fuckers are watching MKX @Combobreaker drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon, having fun.

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In the lab with Liu Kang, this character is technical as fuck. I couldn’t do literally any of this shit online to save my life, which kinda sucks. I don’t really have that problem on any other fighters.
Okay I finally have those Dragon Fire fireball run cancel combos down, found a nice technique that isn’t causing my hands some issues. I was originally doing(Example blockstring etc) 113 - Fireball - Hold 1 - Forward - Forward+Block+Release 1, and that was causing me a lot of trouble and I’m an idiot for doing it that way.

What you SHOULD do when doing run cancel combos is hold the button for the move…so Raiden/Liu Kang/Jacqui etc. Perform a regular dash whilst holding down the button, release the button and go for the block button. I never knew you could press block so late in the dash animation and still get a run. I’ll probably upload some run stuff if I find anything noteworthy. Or maybe fuck around with his Dualist variation.



Boy are you in for a rude awakening about this game.



I’m new to MK10 and i’m enjoying it. I would like some tips with using Reptile. I’m thinking of maining him or Casey.



You mean Cassie?



Yeah. I ment Cassie



Things are looking up.



Kenshi buffs can’t tell if they’re meaningful or just “meh” 9f jab is good, why is 114 no longer cancellable though? That sucks.



According to Pig of the Hut, Kenshi just went “from being bottom 5 to top 5”. Soooo… yeah, apparently they’re meaningful.

I sure as hell don’t complain. I plan on buying the game at some point, and Kenshi is the one character that really interested me.



Balanced Kenshi has safe zoning.

Possessed Kenshi has safe zoning and mixups.

Kenjutsu Kenshi has easier combos and they do more damage.
EDIT:And yet I still can’t do them!


The uploader says he could get up to 5 loops.