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I’m having a hard time hit confirming in this game. I’ve spent some time in the lab trying to get down some bnb combos, but the footsies or whatever is just different than sf. I’ve been losing to people spamming moves and basic target combos. Will I pick this up playing more online? Never played mk9 seriously, only played capcom games, where the hit confirms seem a lot easier



I find it easier to hit confirm from strings 3+ hits long. You can’t do a normal, see that it hits and then cancel it. The cancel window is too narrow.



Doing KOTH matches for this Kung Lao costume is more than a chore. Why does it have to only count Player Match KOTH?



Have they done anything significant to the PS4 netcode in recent times?
I can’t stand the game online anymore.



Along with the continuous patches the game received and the netcode being crappy I’ve stopped playing altogether. Too many changes too frequently, it’s retarded.

Sitting on Xrd Revelator and SFV at the moment, barely playing SFIV because SFV looks so much better, just playing DMC4SE and FFVII at the moment.



What’s fucking weird is that even though I was kinda getting good at the game by online warrior standards, I just stopped playing the game and went back to 3S and USFIV, even though I really suck at SF.



Lack of depth maybe? No idea, the netcode is atrocious and makes you wanna go play GGPO or something with really good online.

To be honest I really wish NRS would at least give a heads up with their patches, or at LEAST allow 5/6 months to let the game live a little and allow for community feedback. Every half-year they set-up an online dropbox for anybody who wants to let them know their thoughts on what should be changed and figure who needs changing for the better or worse. Because what NRS honestly seem to do at least in MKX’s case is just DESTROY any character who is perceived as a problem (E.G Raiden, Tanya) even though Raiden was actually broken and I agree with how they handled him. But they absolutely wreck certain characters in their patches and it makes no fucking sense to me because they just buff a couple of characters into that upper echelon of vanilla Raiden just for them to be nerfed to high hell in the next patch ??? D’Vorah got hit pretty hard recently too.

I don’t know. I like this game but I don’t like the constant changing, I do like the idea of half-year intervals in changes to create an ever changing meta game that can never be figured out and will constantly be changing, but every 1/2 months is just too much to handle from a competitive viewpoint. Fuck that.



So fucking annoying when you constantly have to relearn your own character and/or how to fight others.
Get a good fucking product out right away and patch it every half year at best ffs.
I come from games that got patched frequently like Warcraft 3 and DotA, but even those games always gave players a lot of time to figure things out and invest their time into them before changing shit up.



I played yesterday because I bought the season pass to test out Predator. I liked the two variations that aren’t Warrior you can get some mad good set-ups from the Hunter variation that lead into big damage, no idea if people are using it the way I was though.

He has a unique special in Hunter called Snag that ties them up in the air for an air combo when in proximity. After certain hit-strings you’re at the perfect distance to throw a Snag but have it JUST outside of proximity range, and Predator has a hit-string that actually pulls him and the opponent back a little and it’s a Low/Overhead/Low string. Depending on your timing you can make a Low/Overhead/Low/Low and if they block it all you’re at insane advantage anyway. Cool variation. It also stuffs a couple reversals if you’re hit them on their wake-up to negate any armour they have and you get a free like 30% from it. Haven’t had a chance to look online for what he can do damage wise because no compute atm but the variation with the gun has easy damage for barely anything.



Capcom’s answer to Kotal Kahn (Necalli)…



I wouldn’t say they’re anything alike to be honest…



I don’t understand why Japanese players or other players from Asian countries play Mortal Kombat competitively like in tournaments






Doesn’t make sense, does it?



Asians don’t magically have taste in fighting games.



Well, if anybody from on her wants to play MKX, you can add my PSN ID: Vader-Fett
Just lemme know you’re from the SRK forums in the request.



Is is because Mortal Kombat is banned in Asian countries?







Japan needs this in their arcades!!!

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