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WTF. I’ve never seen an MK1 8-hit combo!!!

Check out the match against the 2nd opponent. I guess Sub Zero and Scorpion can do those combos!!!


MKII Smoke has a command grab. It’s the run up fast then throw move!!!


EVERY arcade needs this in their arcade!


Kenshi was always a top 5 for me. Of all the MK games that man has been in, I played him the most in MKX compared to other times. I used to main his demonic variation, Then I switched to mostly using his Balanced and Kenjutsu variations. You’ll love him



How can we entice top Japanese players like Daigo to compete in Mortal Kombat?


By making a character that looks/plays like a variation of Akuma


Akuma moved to Tekken, why can’t Akuma move to Mortal Kombat?

Also, It’s great that Cyrax, Sektor, and Smoke are in MKX


Smoke ftw!


So, how do people like “Triborg”



#592 that does look like Cyber Noob Saibot. Cyber Smoke has red eyes, this cyber has white eyes like Noob Saibot…


Thank goodness rollback netcode is coming. Also don’t lose hope in the pc version, I’m sure with the large amount of backlash nrs is eventually going to do something about it.




We figured it out. If you listen to all of the characters’ intro dialogues then you will know that Triborg=Noob Saibot


You’re the only one who posts here lol. I admire the dedication.


Mortal Kombat XL PC Beta going live this weekend. If you happen to have an extra 30GB free it might be worth trying. Did I mention it is 100% free?


Any bets on whether or not they will make a Season 3 and add Shang Tsung?


Wonder why the MK sub forums are hidden on SRK