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Damn it was hard finding this thread.

So who got buffed and who got nerfed in the latest patch?



Seems like MKX is making a comeback with the latest patch


No point. I tried registering on that site and got rejected for some reason.

#606 is the SRK of Mortal Kombat


TRMK hasn’t been that since forever and is closer to being the Eventscrubs of MK.


i go to their general discussion sometimes. It’s funny. My Official Street Fighter thread on TRMK has more posts…

EDIT: just saw it. It’s on the right of the page with the most recent post…

Official Street Fighter Thread



If NRS releases Shang Tsung for MKXL, will it be a main game for EVO


Heard boon might be in talks with ono

Oh no? Or oh yes?



Confirmed this on an MK2 cabinet. It works!!! You can even set the game on free play! Damn, the shitstorm if this was found out in the 1990s and such.

At my local arcade, before I left I had to turn the free play off before anyone got suspicious.

I did leave the volume higher though and set the game from 4-hard to 1-very easy so that some players have a chance…


Anyone else tried this yet?


This is more hype than SF5 and so called SF6 and that MVCI bullshit!

Rumors of new Mortal Kombat games have been epic and hype since there were rumors of a Mortal Kombat II back in 1993!!!

Onaga is coming back! We all know that Havik and Hotaru will be back too



I actually liked the new generation in MKX so I hope they dont rewrite the current story (again)


Uhh, I wouldn’t hold out for the Order and Chaos boys.


Havik is fucking dead, bro. Quan Chi fed him to the oni twins.



i love mortal combat games


MK11 could be like flashpoint.

In Injustice 2 you have the dialogue between the 2 raiden’s/ the 2 sub zero’s, referencing both timelines…


Talking about the courtyard stage?