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i really wonder what they bring on the table. not just in term of story but gameplay wise.


Onaga VS Evil Liu Kang



i really expected a anouncement around e3 for mk11, now i wonder if htey will even announce it this year or not. maybe they wait for the new console generation?


Maybe it stops at 10, kinda like Apple OS/OSX and Windows 10…

Just realized that Shao Kahn is somewhat based on Lord Ariakas


as long as warner makes money with the franchise they will not stop producing it.
with all the guest chars and movie ips a new aditional franchise would be nice which would allow them to experiment more with the base gameplay.


You know what I mean bout Lord Ariakas?


i have no clue :smiley:
and i am not sure why its not a full quote and just the name…guess it was late :confounded:


They ought to consider supporting the games they make for longer before putting out new ones. MKX is a solid game that lasted maybe a year which is a damn shame.


Blame Injustice 2. Also, Injustice 2 will die out when Mortal Kombat 11 hits!!!


what kind of support do you miss?
game got balance patches, has a large roster, got two dlc packs, netcode improvement…

mkx got released april 2015…so lets say they bring out a new one next year.
thats 4 years between them.

mkx didnt died out when ij2 got released.
on pc it actually has a larger playerbase. so when ij2 might die out its not because a new game from nr came out, its because people like mk more then ij.


We all know MKX hasn’t been a thing since Ij2 came out. Why are they seemingly incapable of supporting two games at once, why does one have to kill off the other? I end up liking what NRS puts out but I’m always hesitant to spend a lot of time learning their games because as soon as anyone gets a whiff that there might be a new one, the existing one is dead.

I think it would have been better look for them to space the balance patches out a bit. I don’t remember how they went in X but in MK9 it seemed like the game got patched every couple weeks. It makes it hard to learn the game when theyre constantly tweaking things.


but thats not true. as i said you find more people in mkx then ij2 on pc and i am sure its the same on consoles.for pc you can check out
yeah, some balance changes where questionable in the past, same as how fast they did em.


Why isn’t MKX at EVO…

EDIT: You know Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite is shit when EVO (prejudice against games that are not made by Capcom) has Injustice 2 over Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite


dead game, that’s why


because of injustice2 and its pro tour.
evo was officially part of it.


the game awards show is in a few days and a lot of people expect to see there a mk11 trailer so i renamed the thread that you/we can talk about it here too. when you want a own thread for mk11 feel free to create one!


Mortal Kombat 11 announced, as most of you probably know by now.


Moron Kombat X was great, top 5 game for me. Cant wait to see some gameplay and have fun with Moron Kombat 11


MK11 comes out in less than 6 months? is Ed Boon serious?