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Well damn I didn’t expect the trailer to be so lit

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Shao is canon?!!!


I do believe shao is canonical now. The story has me pumped


Man, these Fatal Blows are so boring. “See from side view how your character’s pierced by some attack in slow motion”.


the story is about time travel, he is in the story mode trailer doing stuff. of course he is!

Some more stuff

and yesterdays kombat kast


This game looks amazing :slight_smile:



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Yo did anyone else get the beta? I got the codes for both but stuck at work. I think I’m getting sick lol.

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as everyone who plays on pc,i have to rely on twitch streams :confused:

PND Ketchup:


This stress test is only US right?
Can EU players use these codes at all or does it only work with an US PSN account?


Us Only, but i have seen at least one German Talking Streamer. Not sure about his location but maybe you can circumvent it with a us psn account…

thats him
ask him on stream, maybe he can give you some infos.


so, did any of you guys managed to lay hand on the game?
i just watched some streams, the majority of time the k&m guys and the netcode seemed to be solid.

gameplay wise there where some things which can be concerning when they dont get tweaked.
biggest “flaw” i noticed has to do with the combo flipout and the potential punish you can get when you continue your string. since i couldnt lay hands on it i dont know if you can actually react to it to stop your string or if you have to commit/dial it up and are then stuck no matter what.

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I been having trouble doing long strings. I can only do scorpion back 1 neutral 3. but I don’t know the strings after the 3 and also when I do meter burn teleport the kick, I miss the spear part of the string. when I play baracka when to meter burn stab I miss the jump punch after it. I need to practice more when the game come out with a character that I really like to play .

I’m been losing to player that know good string but I have been wining games by playing in the neutral. scorpion is hard to fight against his string are high low mix up. I know there not safe but the lows they come out so fast. so the two things I need to get better at is longer strings and doing better when being pressure( I.E opponent pressing ever button).


No one watching the Kombat Kast?

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of course!
really nice that they already adressed some of the issues people brought up like the dases, fatalblow safe on block and other small things.

first dlc char will be revealed on friday, just in case some of you missed it.


Yeah and I’m also seeing like 80% of the others commenting trying to come up with ways to say they don’t like Jacqui in as many different ways as possible. The other 20 percent are people still stuck on MK3 and the small handful that actually like her.


no takeda no kung jin
these 2 characters were actually quite popular, but NRS put Jacqui in hm


MKX Jacqui was meh. MK11 Jacqui is godlike. She looks better in all regards and I dig the heavy Muay Thai aspect of her fighting style.


Just in case you want to Contribute to the MK11 Dojo Thread, feel free to post Videos here when the time arrives.