Mortal Kombat (1992) is my Favorite Game of All Time!


Get used to this. If you don’t like it and/or don’t wanna hear about it, then ban me!


Then you have a terrible taste in gaming and I don’t want to hang out with you in the cafeteria


Oh boo hoo, that’s your opinion…


who are you?


Why would you get banned for this?
They’ll just lock this thread.


Just another fighting game fan trying to find where his loyalties lie…

Oh, OK. Thanks for that.

Well, it should please you people to know, that earlier this morning I permanently barred myself from ever changing my Favorite Game again. I finally got fed up with all the stuff I have to do whenever I change it (i.e. changing avatars, converting devices, etc.), so now I’m enforcing, not just for my sake but for all others concerned, that it stays MK1 for good. Period.


y exactly r we supposed to care?


You really don’t have to. My OCD expects you to, but I don’t take orders from that shitbag anymore. So I could care less if you could care less.

I officially quit shoryuken

mods ban this guy


I hate how OCD has become some hipster buzzword to describe some shitty and not noteworthy habit, the kind most people have a least one of.

“hehe I pick my nose much OCD so edgy wow”.

Unless you really have OCD, that would suck for you, but you probably don’t.

I officially quit shoryuken
I officially quit shoryuken

Honestly though…the block button sucks. They might as well make a jump button if theres also a run and change stance button.


Just one thing worries me though, How do you permanently bar yourself from changing your favourite game?

Is it a willpower thing? meditation? abstaining from playing other games in case you may find a new favourite? setting up punishment for yourself if you doubt your loyalties?


when me n my homies were about 16 someone amped us a snes with Mk3 or it was umk3 and killer instinct for 40$, We rocked the shit out of them games on that snes pad, i could juggle mofoz like crazy with cyrax and the bomb n net…tried to play it a few years ago on xbox on the dpad, didn’t remember shit and felt clunky as fuck, but some how back then we could go ham on that shit,


People over at testyourmight don’t even play UMK3, they play the N64 version of Trilogy. The sound they make when they run always makes me laugh. I still think MK2 is the better game.

I officially quit shoryuken

I DO have OCD, and it DOES suck.

AH! No wonder I can’t find anyone online to fight against in UMK3!

Well that’s good to know. MK1’s my Favorite for many other reasons as well…

I officially quit shoryuken

not gonna lie, I LOVE MKII. not my favourite fighting game ever, but it’s up there for me.

it’s still all about that ST though.