Mortal Kombat 4

Got interested in this title recently, thanks in part to MK9 being announced, which I intend to try out.

So basically…this got an arcade release, as well as inferior ports to PSX, N64 with two good revisions on the Dreamcast (regular and red disc “2.0”) as Mortal Kombat Gold. Which also includes more characters and the ability to select weapons at the outset. As far as I can see, this seems like the bridging point between the 2D Mortal Kombats and the 3D ones.

I spoke to Black Shroud the other day over IM about it, and there’s a scene over in his country for it, but what about here? Does anyone still play like with UMK3? From our discussion, it doesn’t seem like the game is as horribly broken as the next-gen 3D titles, but I could be wrong.

Somebody fill me in on this game; I was thinking of picking up Gold for my DC and learning it with my crew to eventually post matches (irritated that there’s none on YT as far as I could see)…but if the game has some serious flaws I’ll reconsider that.


the PC port of MK4 is pretty good.

also MK4 had that Maximum Damage prevention… where you get bounced back to the other corner after doing a 45% combo (it can also be disabled: 010 010)

why wasn’t MK4 more popular?

MK Gold is the route to go. But I do like how the arcade version of the game looks. During its time, it was clean.

Aqua Shark, pretty much hit the nail on the head.

The whole MK4/Gold cast is original (minus shinnok). Tiers isn’t too bad, from what I can remember. I do remember Tanya having gdlk spacing and easy bnb.

SRKs Hanzo, definitely could fill u in on the MK4 gospel. I think his group played MK4 more than anyone in the world lol.

Oh god… I played the shit out of this on the N64. This was the first fighter where I bothered to learn specials for all the characters and could do basic combos. Quan Chi was awesome.

Also: [media=youtube]kfJfiFvbAEo[/media]

Alright then, I’ll get one off of Amazon…

Only thing is, there’s a “Regular” MK Gold and then a 2.0 version which fixes some things, but how do I tell the difference between them so I make sure to get the second revision?

Look for “HOT! NEW!” on the front.

MK Gold is a flaming turd. Sure it has extra characters but the game is fucking broken big time.

MK Gold is to MK4 as MK Trilogy is to UMK3.

Now, MK4 is a decent game, only because of what happened to the MK series after MK4. But when MK4 came out, it was a huge disappointment, coming off the heels of the best MK in the entire series, UMK3. It had MK sounds, MK names, MK moves, even had the UMK3 button layout but something is missing.

The only way to play MK4 thats really worthwhile and satisfying is the arcade MK4 Rv3.0, which sadly has never been emulated due to the odd Zues hardware the game was built on. 12-13 years later and only somewhat emu’d (Started, but never completed). After that, even with its limitations, the only port really worth your time would be the N64 port. Sadly.

Damn, sorry to hear that. Is the broken stuff in Gold because of the new characters, or something introduced to the DC port itself?

If its not something to tiptoe around, I could just hold off on playing the new characters or something when I get it. Than again, this is just casuals, and I could just upload people doing the dumb shit for the lulz factor alone.

Sadly, I don’t have my N64 anymore though; you’d figure the DC would have the best port because of its superior hardware. =/

Adding in new characters seemed to have broke the game. Trying to take the engine and adding new shit must be to hard, but if i remember correctly, MKG wasnt done by the actual arcade team, just like with MKT.

but yea, the DC MKG looks better, but is broken as fuck.

it is STILL funt tho, but that kind of thing gets old imo

I just tried MK Gold on NullDC (Dreamcast emu) and as an aside someone really needs to build some better sound drivers. The sound randomly kicks out. Anyway, at a glance the new characters break it. Baraka isn’t bad but Kun Lao and Cyrax really break the game.

It’s not a bad fighter though. It has some kinks. But it’s fun, the combo system is very easy and you can do some impressive shit, the weapons are fun, and the characters and the fatalities are as awesome as they’ve been. I can only guess that it didn’t take off because we were all into Tekken and Virtua Fighter.

The visuals have aged well too. Not nearly as ugly as other early 3D fighters of the time.

If MK9 plays like this but fixes some things. Consider me sold.

Well, that can be dealt with then. For more serious matches, I can just not use the new characters or something.

I was most worried about the game still being fun. But yeah, part of it is that there are no match vids on YT (all I see is vs CPU crap) and the game seems all right so I’d like to start amending that.

I’m really glad that it seems the game is a lot better than the latter 3D titles. Bo Rai Cho still gives me nightmares.

Well maybe MK Gold isn’t the route to go? I dunno. I’m not the most hardcore strategic/info-based player. So at the time, when I was playing MK4/Gold, I thought it was “the shit” due to the extra characters/stages/flare in that game.

I say…just play MK Gold. Play everyone (character wise), and just have fun with it. You know the tiers are there, learn how to fight against them. All good. Casuals are exactly that…right? :stuck_out_tongue:

But what I’m surprised Tim DIDN’T say, was…


TR u can play me and damn near everyone else who posted in here in UMK3. Let’s MAME that shyt and get some games in. :cool:

Top Tier Scorpion makes me happy =)

I’ll order a copy as soon as I get my new card to link to my Amazon account. Looking forward to having fun messing with this.

The PC version is pretty fun and actually works on a modern OS.

edit: Christ, it’s really expensive nowadays. I bought mine for 3 dollars at an EB years ago.

IMO the only good version is the arcade version. It never got properly ported to console and the ports were shit. It’s not really supported by MAME yet either.

I’d suggest waiting 50 years when it’s finally 100% on MAME. Going out of your way to play it now seems pointless.

I’ve never played the arcade version, so I honestly couldn’t tell the difference and don’t really care.

Its not going out of my way, either. I just intend to have fun with the game and post matches. I don’t really see how that’s pointless.

Hi guys, well actually IMO MK4 wasnt an ALL THAT BAD game, IMO it was in the right direction but as some friends that worked on midway testing at that time (Lex, Eddie Ferrer) they told me that midway rushed the game and took it from their hands at mid developing/testing. Sad. Also it got heavy competition by SF III NG and Tekken 3.

There is a Youtube channel with some “recent” MK4 fights between what I consider the 3 bests players in my country. I cannot even compare to them in MK4 at least. The very best of them (Marcos) have like 3 fights only recorded here. They also are quite good at TTT.

YouTube - CaraLapizvenezuela’s Channel

Here are the tiers / guides compiled my Ded from and me and some feedback of those players on the vids: - Where Throwing is ALWAYS Encouraged - Online Mortal Kombat Headquarters - MK, MKII, UMK3, MKT PSX, MK4, MKG, MKDA, MKD, MKA

1. Tanya
2. Scorpion
3. Reptile
4. Sub-zero
5. Reiko
6. Fujin
7. Liu Kang
8. Jarek
9. Raiden
10. Sonya
11. Quan Chi
12. Jax
13. Shinnok
14. Johnny Cage
15. Kai

Its worth to note that this only covers MK4 arcade rev.3.0 and none of the console stuff. MK4 n64 is a very VERY good port of the game to play if you can emulate it/buy it.

I dont have much time to post now but I will in a bit. Thx for the props digimonemporer =)

Wow, thanks for the match vids and info Hanzo. The game looks even faster then I thought.

Now I’m really hyped to play.

Hanzo is godlike. <3

Sadly, so is Bo Rai Cho D: