Mortal Kombat 7

Courtesy of MKO and Midway

Why won’t the picture display in these forums? Is it because SRK hates Mortal Kombat :rofl:

Here’s the link:

It’s so assholes can’t trick people into viewing horrible things like Tubgirl, Goatse, and Mortal Kombat screenshots.

:lovin: Bada-bing!:lovin:

lol @ Liu Kang’s mug

Half of the characters in that top row could pass off as Sub-Zero.

I have a hard time believing they’re going to be able to fit that many characters into the final game. Unless some are carbon copies of each other save a move here and there or they seriously water down the gameplay system since the last installment. Either way, it’s gonna suck goat balls.

Who are the dudes next to Raiden and Liu Kang?

They’ll fit, everyone has 2 stances now, so basically all they had to do was create a handful of special moves for the new characters and few new skins to throw on old bodies. So someone like Rain, instead of being a real new character like they claim is pretty much and old Deception stance with some new specials. :tdown: I think even Kintaro is just a swap of Goro from the GC version with some new dressings. Konquest is the only reason I’m getting this, and the racing could potentially be fun in multiplayer.

ll get it just for the create a character Im gonna try to make the cheapest most powerfull character I can (with a sombrero)

Okay even though I don’t really follow with the MK series, but can someone tell me wtf happened to Liu Kang.

Haven’t kept up with the series myself but I think he died somewhere in the storyline. The character there is Zombie Liu Kang IIRC.

L.Kang was murdered by Shang Tsung at the beginning of MK:DA with the help of a Quan Chi assist. He was brought back by something(either a character or bad plot-no-jutsu)in deception

YEEEESSSS!! MOTARO is in the game!!!

I think the most fun I’ll have with this game is just creating random characters. This game is supposed to have air combos, right?

There better be a regular Liu Kang costume, that zombie thing is really lame. :arazz:

street fighter vs mk would be so lame XD, how would they make it so the game didnt look like a shitty mugen catastrophe. they’d have to Draw…DRAW mortal combat sprites, none of this shitty picture taking stuff

The best Liu Kang is a Dead one.

You forgot the “non-zombified, just plain dead.” tagline. Oh well, if we actually applied some sensibility to the MKverse, half the cast will be dead by now, if not more xD. No fucking amount of Plot-No-Jutsu could salvage the bullshit they pulled with Shao Khan, Goro, Shang Tsung coming back(again.) , Quan Chi, hell ALL the revived characters is astounding. We all know this will be garbage, but hopefully have some entertainment value. Just waiting for Next-Gen MK if what Cole hinted at is any indication.

Is that Ben Affleck next to the ? on the right?! Looks like it.

Is that red thing in the bottom right corner on the last row blaze?

Why did they change Scorpion back to his old costume but not Subby?

I know the games are never that good anymore but I can’t help but still like the weirdness that is Mortal Kombat. As for characters coming back and it being ridiculous, just think of it as a dream match, lol.

Meh, a couple of my buddies like MK, so I’ll probably end up playing it.