Mortal Kombat 9 and TE fightstick

Like many people on here probably downloaded and play the MK9 demo on PSN. I;ve been playing the game for a few hours now and really enjoyed it. I’ve a fight stick newbie and i can do motions for SSF4 with almost no problems. Since most of the moves in MK9 are Back, Forward, Attack, or Back, down, attack. I could pull off the moves but not as consistent like SSf4, im not sure if there any shortcuts to these moves yet. I`m pretty tempted to switch my constrictor on my stick to an octagon restrictor since the arcade MK9 fightstick is pretty much a round restrictor. What is your opinions on this

My opinion is Octo gates on JLFs feel horrible. They don’t make them feel like an American stick at all. Instead of altering your stick, practice more.

Circular gates are better than octo gates on the JLF

I wouldn’t change it.