Mortal Kombat 9 Thread (Good Games, Matchmaking and Discussion)

Alright we’re about 1 week away from MK 9 game release and let’s all make this the official thread where players can interact with each other, post good games and bad games, coop matchups, game tactics, moves & fatalities and much more!!


Lets not start an early topic. I know a lot of player(s) has an early copy of the game. But, it’s best to create a thread on the release date. Topic like these dies easily. :(…

:tup: Game is officially released now so, have it you… dood.

Damn this game is awesome!! GGs EZ you’re just too good and this game just came out. I need to hit the training room if I wanna get better and work on those combos and fatalities. I’ll get you next time EZ

LMAO GGs man!! You’re the first person I played online and yes you need work on your moves and fatality. I look forward for some more match ups AND Coop match ups so improve your game son :smiley:

I shall be getting it soon.

Ugh, I have to run around today looking to see if there’s spare Tournament Editions. I shoulda preordered earlier.

I am getting this game next week as I got AH3.

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location: Southern California
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Servers went down last night and this morning

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I’m getting this game tomorrow. I can’t wait to play it.

I heard the online is not good :frowning:

Hey yo I just bought this game yesterday and even with just the opening scene without pressing the start button is 6,000 times BETTER than trash ass MVC wanna be 3!!! Anyways The game does have potential so lets see what happens from now, but so far it sweet as hell!

Online is laggy

I’m with you man. I bought Arcana Heart 3. I dont know yet about MK yet. I have too many games and not enough time to play them. And unfortunately with fighting games if you dont play them enough you just dont get good at them. I am hoping to fare a little better in Arcana as well as enjoy it though because I just couldnt get into the flow of MVC3. And I just cant get into SSFIV even though I keep trying and trying. But my dumb a$$ still will probably buy the AE DLC when it comes out though. lol

Since PSN has been down, I’ve been going through the challenges and unlocking all the collectables in the Krypt. I’m really liking this game so far.

Got the game on realese day. Havnt had time to play till yesterday… So far so awesomee!!!

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I mostly play sub zero, but I mess around with Noob and Mileena as well

I’m tired of just fighting randoms online, they get destroyed and then complain that I only know “one combo” because I like to use 2-2 for pressure with Sub Zero… little kids can be annoying > . >

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OP should put some sort of standard info format.

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While I haven’t gotten any hate yet but I play against too many people that quit on me after one match