Mortal Kombat 9 Video Thread

Figured we should get this thread started so people can easily see new matches instead of sifting through YouTube. I’ll start it off with a playlist of matches I recorded last night.

The list showcases Johnny Cage (played by yours truly), Reptile (Dark Rob, 9.95), Nightwolf (9.95) and Sub Zero (Dark Rob). It shows how necessary it is to have a counter character for projectile characters like SZ.

I’d recommend you guys subscribe to this channel since it will be the repository for recorded MK matches from not only casual get togethers but tournaments as well without official streams.

nice vids, subscribed.

when I play jc I have trouble landing his x-ray, you’ve landed some very nice ones.

It has begun…

Oh, thanks for making this thread SJC, I tried to find some match vids at TYM but uh…yeah good luck with that. If I can get a camera or capture card thing soon I’ll upload Nightwolf stompings.

It’s cool seeing how much faster projectiles are in this game than in SF. Nice videos.

I don’t know why but the quality messes up a bit on some of the combos :confused:

A very nice Cyrax combo that does 56% with only one bar:

Cyber Sub-Zero Tutorial Video

Thanks for all these MK9 video links everyone, keep it up!

Subscribed! \m/

A bunch of online matches (not my videos)

I made a little combo video for Sektor. Figured it’d make a good enough first post.

I bought the Mortal Kombat Prima Official Guide and it’s shit, as you can see in this video i made:

The ending would’ve made the AVGN proud…I’m glad I didn’t buy that shit. :rofl:

looool thank you Kaworu for that great review and fatality


He was so angry yet it sounded like he was whispering or something.

9 and 11 hit corner with Jax.

Read description about 2nd combo.

glad to see actual matches of this game, i’m really sick of all the videos of trivial combos on the front page, but is there no way you can save a replay and put it on the computer?

ps that review of the guide book is very funny :slight_smile:

Here a video of “all character babalities in HD”

Putting up my playlist for MK9. So far it’s only Stryker videos, but I’m picking up Jade on the side.

Mortal Kombat 9 Videos

VSC-Sir Hope (Kung Lao) vs. Arc (Kung Lao)

Really good matches.

YouTube - Road to CEO: Mortal Kombat - Grand Finals Part 1
YouTube - Road to CEO: Mortal Kombat - Grand Finals Part 2