Mortal Kombat 9 Video Thread


Smoke tutorial video:



[media=youtube]fYG3VDFWGPM]YouTube - [MK9[/media]


Kitana Beginner Combo Video:



New MK9 vids

Here are some videos I took week one:

Noob Saibot X-Ray Glitch


Cool stage fatality: ermac vs. cyrax

First to 10 smoke vs. scorpion

the last one shows some great scorpion and smoke combos in action.


kitana x-ray glitch (sometimes the blue freeze effects lasts longer):
you can hit / trade with her x-ray, it’s strict timing, though. cyrax can net shot her, but the x-ray doesnt get triggered then. she’ll just get webbed and the fans will be stuck in cyrax for a few seconds.


Video of Mileena basics


I made the video to mostly be a guide to people newer to the genre of FG’s, but I hope anyone looking for Mileena tips will find it useful.


Battlefield Arcadia @ Play N Trade 4-8-11

BattleField Arcadia @ Play N Trade RESULTS!!


I just started uploading videos a couple days ago and if anyone is interested they can check out my channel, YouTube - ahpetah’s Channel. I try to upload on a consistent basis ranked matches, player matches, etc. I’m not that good but im decent :rofl:


xbox live mad :mad:


that was some real hate… it kinda reminded me of a mix tape with MCs that have beef


That was hilarious.

“No skillz! How the fuck you gunna send me a message!” :smiley:



GreekDojo Ranking Battes
4th Impact Grand Finals

Top 4 Grand Finals

  • 1st N1k0lasss*
  • 2nd Hidan *
  • 3rd KA_Cimmerian *
  • 4th [VIO]X-Nivek *

This is the video of the grand finals from the Greek National Ranking Battles. Every Sunday Night Mortal Kombat players go crazy and play in the most comparative championship in Greece, Enjoy


Before I get deployed, I’m doing Tag Kombo vids like a madman:

EDIT: Vid reply with 50%, slight addition. And now a name :slight_smile:


Yes the infamous roundhouse kick has returned!


Enjoy, all. We worked very hard to make this enjoyable for everyone.

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anyone know how this is done?


Whats good Shoryuken? Here is a crazy video that I created with 100 Liu Kang kombos! This video showcases Liu Kang’s versatile variety of combos. Liu Kang has so much to offer combo-wise. He can switch it up in soooo many ways. I arranged the komboz in order of the number of hits, (not damage). I started from his basic low hit kombos and went up to his advanced high hit kombos. Most of Liu Kang’s kombos range from 25-35%. Some of the kombos may look similar, but they are all individually different! Don’t forget to leave a comment with the number of your favorite kombo! Enjoy!




i didnt know where to go with this … here you go guys …

a casual tournament held by the top players in the UK vs the top players in Europe … in this set you will get to see some of the best MK9 Gameplay the UK and Europe has to offer. I hope you enjoy


I have a tournament this weekend and I will try and get some vids up of my Quan Chi and Mezmerize’s Kung Lao.