Mortal Kombat, anyone?


Meh, I don’t think Mortal Kombat is a masterpiece of a fighting game, but it IS a fighting game. A damn fun one, I might add.
I like Deception, mostly due to the dial-up combos that I enjoy and the fact that they introduced a couple of killer new characters, notably the ingenious Capcom/SNK parody that is Kobra.
Come on, you can’t tell me that performing a brutal decapitation on a random ninja isn’t something you’ve found entertaining before.


You’ve been here at least a couple weeks and you still think this thread is going to go anywhere? Are you that dense?

And no, I don’t find a brutal decapitation on a random ninja entertaining.


I almost made a thread just like this about Ballz 3D.

Just kidding.


MKII tiers:

  1. Mileena
  2. Jax
  3. Ermac


Everyone loved Ballz 3d :wonder:


mk may be a good game, but deception? PLEASE!!! deception wasnt nowhere near armaggadon!!! thats the great mk game ( even though i mk isnt my game!).


join date



MK 2d>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> MK 3D

K close thread bye. GTFO

Edit: Saotome i never get tired of ur AV.


I really like MK Armageddon. The only reason I would go back to Deadly Alliance/Deception would be to see the character-specific fatalities. An MK fan’s dream would be if they had 2 Fatalities and 1 Hara-Kiri (isn’t it HARI-Kiri?!) for each of the 62 characters!!! They probably wouldn’t have enough disc space though. Just dreaming :lovin:


… I hate 2007.





lol mortal kombat


And no, MK isn’t a fighter.


theres only two good mks…and its mkII and mk trilogy…everthing else fails in comparison…




ok…so theres three:sweat:


I see what you did there…

Anyway, haven’t touched a MK since Trilogy.


LOL, man, that infinite takes some serious technical skill. The testers probably found it and decided to leave it because it’s so hard to perform.


I disagree with you guys ive liked all the mk’s except 4, id say DA and Deception were the best, Armageddon had stupid customs and only 2 styles per char.

Long live the true kombatants!


OMFG, You play a game just to see something you can’t interact whit !?


MK is great until you get 14