Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection CONFIRMED FOR SUMMER 2011!

Test Your Might - Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection CONFIRMED FOR SUMMER 2011!!!!!

Oh wow. Awesummmmmmm. Is it gonna be HD? Are they gonna remove loops? O.o

Edit: judging by the price, probs not.

Trilogy please otherwise you can keep them, already got UMK3.

Kind of late to the game, should have came out before MK9. IMO
I probably still pick it up, but it’s not a rush to me like when it was first announced.

DEFINITELY will not be buying this day 1 … i will wait to hear feedback on the netcode before i make my decision. as of now i don’t have my hopes up at all.

Definitely going to pick this up. A little bummed there isn’t a Trilogy port in the works, though. MK9 drops with a lack of Rain, and now I’m getting a classic fix, and there’s still no Rain. :frowning:

Well that’s what I’m going to play online.

Since MK9 will be 100% offline experience for me.

You dont want MKT. You dont want anything to do with MKT Noob. You dont want anything to do with MKT Rain.

Best to pretend MKT is like the 3d games and never existed.

It would be cool if they fixed the Jax multigroundpound for mk2.

Why? stay off the ground and avoid it. smh…

Will definitely buy if the netcode is good, otherwise, I’ll just be spectating =/.

Yes I do. I already own MKT for PSX, I just want a version with a more accurate port of the UMK3 arcade engine (proper speed, etc) and netplay.

On the contrary, I want everything to do with MKT Rain. Best rushdown in the game? Yes please!

Okay yeah, this I suppose we can agree on, he’s more than a little broken in MKT.

No actually, I think he was just calling you a noob.

lulz joking.

So the Arcade Kollection is finally coming out? Very nice! Definitely buying the PS3 version day 1. It would be awesome for MKT to be included (as well as Vanilla MK3 and MK4 just for completion sack). However, having MK1, MK2, and UMK3 (great game) in one being arcade perfect is just great.

This is awesome! Can’t wait to own everyone all over again. Got tired of the same people in UMK3 on XBLA, since you can’t download that game anymore. Just make sure there’s BUTTON CONFIGURATION this time!

A little? MKT Noob is the most broken fighting game character in existence. If MKT was online playable, it would be nothing but Noobs (lol). With that said… I’d still love to play MKT online! Haha! :rock:

No MKT makes me sad. I’ll be picking this up for the MKII.

Thanks Juggs LMAO

On a semi-related note: UMK3 on XBL is allowing ranked matches again.

Will definitely pick this up when it comes out for UMK3 goodness. Maybe this time I’ll be able to play Ermac online without having to unlock him every damn time.

I said more than a little, haha. I realize he’s disturbingly broken.

Agreed. Unbalanced to hell and back or not, it’s still a damn fun version of the game (although I certainly wouldn’t complain about a properly rebalanced version!).

MKT, only for the lols of playing as the 4 bosses.
And MK2 versions of Jax, Kung Lao, MK1 Kano and Raiden. Blew my mind when I found out you could select them.