Mortal Kombat Deception - Bad Games Thread

Post MKD bad games here… you know the rules… if not read up.


i’ll give you a bad game…THIS GAME!!!

Sry to Papasmurf187 for the disconnect, had a brown out(really short blackout, like 10 secs) here in houston. I’d like to play you again sometime if you’re up for it. I have to get one of those battery back ups like i have on my pc for my Xbox.

meh, i only played 2 games online and i got dropped on both times! :lame: im gonna have to return this for a halo 2 reservation.

Really bad game to Darrax:

This guy had a great rank and probably thought that it would be easy for him. He was wrong. As soon as I started to beast on him, he dropped, how surprising…

man looks like peeps can’t get enough of mk deception

looks like this game is a FATALITY

Is this game as broken/shit as doau?

Broken, Like Destroyed Broken?

Well, it’s pretty broken in terms of disadvantage moves, combos, glitch, etc. It’s gotten to a point as to where you hope the person you play next will actually play fair…


Agreed, every game is a bad game when you’re playing Mortal Kombat.

Wonder who left the bad rep this time, Parry? You really have nothing else better to do huh? So sad…

Lol, you are so lame, I never played you in any game and I rented MKD months ago and played the arcade mode once before I had to put it down, never even played it online…

unblockable strings in this game are like pressing 1 2 1 2. Trent showed me how to do some in a matter of minutes, it’s not hard to learn at all. I haven’t played the game since release but I did pretty well when I did

I would jsut like to remind everyone that this game is complete garbage, have a nice day!

So it’s worth a purchase?

Bad games to Jion_Wansu for living.