Mortal Kombat Deception - Good Game Thread

Well I figured I’d start this thread up since most people I know on these boards got the game. So GGs to Pignutz…being the first person I’ve played online in this game and had a lot of fun. The connection was great and really didn’t notice any lag at all. Well I’ll hopefully play some other people like from here in this game. Let the games begin :)…later.


GG’s fubarduck :lol:

GG’s to everyone I played yesterday, I know the guys I played yesterday and today don’t post here but GGs anyways.

GGs to T Atlas. Very close series, think it was 11-10 you. damn this game is fun.

I will play the game online. I hope to play ya peeps.

85% of my games drop in the first minute due to “inaquedate connection”

I have 21 wins 15 losses and 25 drops
on puzzle. I never intentionally disconnected once woot

I will be going online with this game this weekend.


GG’s CaliPower


Yo kal gg’s man. I wanted to stay but i had to go do something. Damn falling ground pit stage! lol

Yea, good stuff scoot. That noob Smoke of yours is off the hook. We should try to setup another mkd tourney soon.

If anyone wants to add me to their friends list the name is “Nagata.”

I had a bunch of GG’s yesterday but I doubt it was with anyone from SRK.

I can’t understand how this game is 100% lag free (I’ve had perfect playing time so far outside of 2 dsyncs) and other games like CvS2 get destroyed by lag. It makes no sense.

It’s because Ed Boon is the man. He wont stand for any half assed net code :stuck_out_tongue:

Let me just say this now. I’ve been dropped on like 4 out of games and people get so mad on the mic by the way I play. This game is cheap and has a cheap nature to it :frowning:

As long as you mix up your characters and dont pick the same ones match after match, they tend to let cheap tactics slide.

Haha glory you still only using kabal? Change that shit up man! I get mad cheap sometimes too. Usually only with tanya. She sucks unless you use her cheap shit.

gg’s to who ever, when ever. ya :xeye:

This is Cole. If anyone is down to get owned by Sindel in MK6, add me to your friends list. My gamertag is “AfroCole”


I sent you some invites but havent played you yet. Next time I see you on I will send an invite and wait for you in a friends only room.

Watch out though cause you might get wrecked :tup:

i been owning with noobsmoke :rofl:

Wow, so does MKD play like MKDA?? I loved MKDA, its just that no one played the game. Kenshi was my favorite there, I hope they didn’t take anything away from him here. Who is top tier in this game??