Mortal Kombat Demo Question


ok, well i love Mortal combat 9. and i got PSN Plus exclusivly for the demo. i just love how all the charecters are so uniuqe and brutal, and all seem to have different play styles and tactics but me and my brother have played the demo for hours and i have found that Scorpion is a bit Overpowerd, his teleport though blockable are still too fast and easy to spam and using “get Over Here” then a grab is unblockable with Stun. and he is overall just plain OP.

“me and my brother play fighting games every day and have been for years, we are allways evenly skilled so we easily picked up on the fact that who ever goes Scorpion wins 90% of the time”

its a shame because i find the game so fun but in this genoration there needs to be balance.

has anyone else picked up on this? and is the game still getting balancing befor its release? if so then its all fine


MK9 has a block button. Use it, and punish his bullshit.


Also…there is a Mortal Kombat section.


but thats a strategies section and this isn’t a strategie it’s a question


YES the game you are playing is from a very early build. The final retail game will be very different.


It’s a question that should be asked there…


if he’s spamming teleport you win easy. Block it and punish, it’s insanely unsafe… harpoon is pretty unsafe too.


scorpion is not op on the demo
learn to block