Mortal Kombat @ Evo 2011


Yes, you read this right.

And i’m not entirely sure its MK9 either.

But I am starting something, and its got UMK3 flavor. Official or not, i am brining MK to Evo 2011.

Who’s with me?



Ps- get. Hyped. !!!.


Here here! MK9 and UMK3 at Evo!



MK at EVO would be really fucking hype, whether it would be MK9 or UMK3.


+1 from me

i would love to watch MK9 and UMK3 but it’s rated M are there any problems with evo?

germany sucks no UMK3 for us well i hope we get MK9 atleast :frowning:



Good shit, Tim.


I’ll chip in for one of your UMK cabs to get freighted to Vegas.



EVO must have MK9 in their line up!

Hopefully the line up will be

and the rest.


yea i was thinking about that, maybe starting a paypal account for that. that would be CRAZY expensive tho.



When is Evo? This might be something workable for me, finally!


Hell yeah, I’d love to see MK at Evo, whether it be MK9 (Which would hopefully be part of the lineup) or UMK3. Or both. That would be even more awesome.


UMK3 and MK9 @ EVO!!

UMK3 should be played on MAME IMO, so people who use pad and even keyboard can play!


How about, UMK3 at Evo for now? We really need to see some more MK9 before we can say it’s worth giving a shot at Evo. The latest gameplay vid shows a lot more promise than the trailer. Gonna have to watch a few times.


I totally agree. But with MK9, UMK3 can ride this wave of hype.


The keyboard player got a stick and is learning it to compete on a cab, so can you!

To play the best, it needs to be played on a cab.

We can save whatever cab vs pad debate for another thread another time tho. this thread isnt intended for that


If they eliminate all FF and BB taps for moves, that would easily solved the issue of dashing with those commands, but…BUT. Why the Hell would they do that? Cretins.

The latest gameplay vid shows a lot more promise than the trailer. Gonna have to watch a few times.

Edit: OK, watched it through a couple more times and I’m liking a lot more, this is what I wanted to wait for but since everyone else was chattering I had to keep up.

I’m liking sweeps, uppercuts, the jabs, canceling, juggling. Mileena’s roll hits normally from a distance it seems, but the flip it makes them do is like Rain’s MKT Lightning, which is weird, and for some reason they don’t flip when getting hit by the Forceballs, which again I don’t understand. In fact, I don’t know if the Forceballs will be as dominant as they were in UMK3, gotta see more. Sub’s slide making them flip and having juggling properties similar to whatever game that was in previously is a good add for him. Scorp looks to have possibly the forward teleport, air throw definitely, but that stupid ass overhead pop up. If that can’t be blocked low, I’ll say fine, but smashing someone down like a frigging basketball is idiotic. Cage’s counter move looks good, and he gets a jab juggle to flip kick after. XRay supers seem interesting for now.




MK@Evo 2011, ship it.


People have to play the new MK first before we can lobby for stuff like that. But if it turns out well and has an actual scene I bet it would be considered. Melty got in… Fuck let’s lobby for NBA Jam too once that’s out, they did run Mario Kart.

UMK3 would be godlike but no way does it have enough players for them to add it as an official game.

BUT whoever’s going to be at Evo and is into UMK3 … let get this in there. I’m going just to hang out and play ST/XvSF/3s so I’d love for someone to get a MAME setup going for UMK3.


If you don’t mind I’d like to use this thread to announce I’m bringing Fighters History Dynamite to Evo 2014. Get hype!