Mortal Kombat fight-style question

It’s been a long long time since I’ve played MK 1, 2, & 3. I haven’t played any MK game since then, so I don’t know how the series has evolved. I’m making the switch from FPS to Fighters, and I’m VERY excited about Mortal Kombat. I’m wanting to know how to best prepare myself for its style of fighting. Is it going to be a game like Street Fighter that includes a lot of stick movement, or a game like Tekken which revolves around precision-timed button presses and punishing?

I know that Mortal Kombat is a game in its own and is unique, but there are similarities in most fighters… I was wondering what to expect.

Get reacquainted with using a block button.

It plays entirely different. Another thing is that there really isn’t any crouching combos. At least in every game in the past, this might change for MK9. But there’s no crouching combos whatsoever. So no Low Forward into XX. I think you could launch off of Uppercut or crHK and do a jump attack or run and jab them for more juggling.

Even with the relative dumbed down nature of fighters today compared to 10-15 years ago, prepare for a shock, Mr Auto-aiming Spawn Camper! :wink:

Haha, yeah I’ve realized it’s a lot of work. What I like about fighters is that it’s all self-progression and I’m hoping any improvement will be a rewarding incentive to keep improving.

^ Fighters a FAR more satisfying and skill fostering than shooters. With fighters, even if you get your arse handed to you, you can always improve.

Shooters are far less twitch and motor skills intensive and are all about the same. So if you master one you’ll likely be just pretty good at all others - not so for fighters. Plus they’re all about respawns, thus the humiliation doesn’t get to simmer like it does in a fight-game. This latter fact is what makes players strive to become better. Whereas in shooters you simply find a different spot to camp in or move to a better team.

Overall shooters are a lot easier to become successful at, less demanding in the skill department and therefore less rewarding. Hence why they’re so popular, like junk food.

Yeah that’s a tricky balancing act there - you WANT it to be accessible, you WANT it to be popular with the general public, and then reward highly skilled players with deeper aspects of gameplay.

And thats not to take away from the fact that there are some very very skill oriented shooters such as Quake and Counter Strike (1.6) but overall fighting games demand more.

I strongly recommend UMK3, its a fun intense game. [media=youtube]RXwUVN7zLFI[/media]

Also, if your coming from a FPS online mentality where you deem such and such “cheap” lose it. Fighting games barely have any rules, don’t be a scrub, just play to win and you’ll keep progressing.

Well said. RoGE, you need to come out to WB in Feb. :wink:

Problem is that with UMK3, growth is going to trickle in, simply because there isn’t a way to purchase it anymore. Here’s to hoping MK9 is tourney-worthy, and I mean for both offline AND online.

True and I believe that is one reason it deters people from playing it, simply because they have to go through “kind of a lot” to get it going and play people online or play at tournaments. It’s worth it though…

And yes, fingers krossed for MK9 to be THAT game to take us to EVO2K and to return some “respect” back to the MK community.