Mortal Kombat Fightstick (PDP) VS Tournament Edition Fightstick (MadCatz)


This weekend, I was fortunate enough to get my hands on PDP’s new Mortal Kombat fightstick at SXSW (South By Southwest) in Austin, TX. I went exclusively to play the new Mortal Kombat during their MK Truck Tour, but ended up playing MvC3 at the Capcom booth that had playable DLC characters, Shuma-Gorath and Jill Valentine.

Anyway… I took some comparison pictures for those curious to see the size difference.







Believe me when I say this… PDP’s Mortal Kombat fighstick is a lot more comfortable playing on your lap than the Street Fighter Anniversary fightstick.

It features authentic arcade parts by Suzo-Happs, just like the good old MK machines from back in the day. However, these parts are: Super Joystick (50-6084-000) and Black Ultimate Pushbuttons w/micro switch (53-9200-16), but all are easily replaceable if you want to go with the Competition Joystick (50-6070-160) and Competition Pushbuttons (58-9616-L ) <the convex types. [these are the part numbers to the ‘Black’ types, but you may order other colors]

The bottom of the stick, is of a felt material, so playing on a hard surface such as a desk, tile floor, will cause it to slide. I’m planning to buy non-skid feet for both of mine and going to replace my parts all with Competitions and install a Heavy Spring to replace the stock spring.

I didn’t have time to get the dimensions, but if you have that information, please post it here and I’ll update this very post. :tup:



Thanks for posting this. The MK9 fightstick looks sweet. How heavy is it? Im curious how it will feel on your lap after extended period of playing the game.


Does the MK9 TE stick have a headphone port for Xbox Live? I havent seen anything mentioned about that.


Nice! Forget the Comp stick, go w/the iL Euro!


You positive on those specs? The pics look like they show the Happ Horizontal Microswitch Pushbutton (Ultimates use vertically-oriented switches). The Happ Supers use a circular actuator and have a short bat top, and those pics show a square actuator with long bat top (so either Ultimate or Competition stick).

What’s weird is that the plungers on the buttons seem to stick up really high, like the Ultimate pushbuttons do. Are these Happ parts for sure, or clones?


#1- Mk layout? Stupid. Simply because this stick will be unuseable for all but MK titles. Only MK absolute diehards would buy this…

#2- I get that they’re going for a retro arcade look, but american parts are still lame and unwieldy. Thats why the industry has complerly switched over to japanese style.


#3- If they have to use american, they can’t even grab the best? That looks like the shitty, china made Black-actuator competition stick by happ. Fail.

#4- Maybe its a trick of the light but those look like concave buttons! Double fail. Even Diehard American stick loyalists recognize the convex Competition button and its worth.

#5- The casing & style, the ONLY good part about this thing. Case looks quite nice, i like the design, and the way it opens up for easy maintenance, and to store stuff like the MK9 game itself. Good job there.

I give this turky a 1 out of 5. The rest of its bad points could be excused if only they had not insisted on MK layout…


@True Grave: Dude, it’s the pack-in stick for the high end limited edition of the game, of course it was made with the MK layout for MK diehards. That’s the demographic that’s buying a $150 edition of the game! Duh! If it had a standard 8 button layout, then the demographic that it’s meant for would be furious that it wasn’t an MK layout. To say that the stick is worthless just because you don’t like the layout which obviously wasn’t made for your consumer demographic is ridiculous. If you like the standard 8 button layout that means that you already own an 8 button stick (probably a TE), so why do you even care that a product you don’t even need does not fit what you like, you weren’t going to buy it anyway. There are a ton of 8 button sticks on the market, but not a single MK layout on the retail market. However a good many serious MK players have had custom MK sticks made (and not cheaply) because there was no retail product meeting their needs. Now there finally is a retail product that meets that need, getting packed in with the specific game it was designed for no less, and you feel the need to get all up-in-arms because it doesn’t meet your personal high and mighty tastes. That’s a really ignorant and short sighted opinion to have. That’s like saying a certain type of food is a horrible product just because it’s not something YOU like. No, it’s a fantastic product for the consumers who’s tastes it was designed to fulfill.

  1. It’s an MK stick. If it was a SF stick it would have a SF layout, that is the point. The idea is to have the old school arcade MK layout. MK layouts aren’t six buttons across.

  2. Not everyone prefers Japanese parts for everything. Tekken players prefer pad or Korean parts. MVC2 players STILL prefer Happ sticks, old school players still prefer American sticks. Japanese sticks are good for everything else but good job assuming things.

  3. Suzo/Happ is a name company. In fact they are known more than anything else “Happ” parts. What did you want them to get? There isn’t anyone else? I know iL makes good comp sticks but who knows what iL even is? Happ has been around forever. Also, it’s an Ultimate, not a Comp.

  4. Convex buttons are the not the default on this game. Did you ever play MK at all in the arcade? Convex buttons don’t improve anything. The whole idea of the stick was to bring back the original layout and feel for old players who remembered the arcade. The thing is sold out a month before it’s out, so I think they did a pretty good job considering. If this was MVC2, sure, I’ll slide my hands for mashing on convex, but it doesn’t matter at all honestly for MK.

I mean, nothing you say makes any sense. If you make an MK stick you want the MK layout. If you want a SF layout remove the panel. Can’t you see how easy this is to mod? IT was made this way for a reason.


Still what happens when you want to play something besides MK? Kinda screwed and this stick is collecting dust fast.

The usual 6-button layout on something like an HRAP is a far more versatile set-up, for MANY games. Not just Mk.

Japanese parts are better, the very industry itself reflects this. Many MVC2 players also use Sanwa, myself included, as well as for other titles like Tekken.

American parts have nostalgia and that is all.

Its been known for a while since Happ started making their own stuff in those chinese factories, that is inferior in quality to IL.

And WTF? An Ultimate stick? Add another great big FAIL to the list.

The Happ/IL Competition is as good as American sticks get.

Plenty of other american arcade games had concave buttons too. This does not mean it was for the best, nor were they designed to be intended for use with them.

Convex buttons are the best choice for Ergonomics, comfort, and accuracy, and speed. Only a fool would say they don’t improve anything.

As for the stick being designed for retro gamers in mind? Eh they could have had BOTH the retro look with the design of the wood case, and the GOOD controls too.

My concerns are all valid. I’m glad i’m not a big MK fan or else this release would piss me off. And no, being one wouldn’t somehow override my good judgment when it comes to stick & parts design if i were.

I get that this release is going for the sheer nostalgia value alone, and is supposed to accurately replicate how the original american control panel was, down to the very parts themselves. However, just because thats how it originally was, does not mean it was the best to go with at the time.

Remember many SFII arcade machines back in the day used the Happ Super also, but you don’t see many custom happ stick owners rocking Happ supers. As it has since then shown to be quite the inferior stick, with the Competition being far better for a custom build.


How many of you Americans have tried a Suzo 500 (aka Euro-Stik)?

Welcome to Ultimarc, the Ultimate in Arcade Controls.


Grave, your not making a lot sense. A SF layout for a MK stick! no! Its a MK stick made for MK games. why is that so hard to understand? they want people to use it for MK, thus the MK layout. And like Dream said, this stick wont be easy to find if you didnt preorder it so it obviously is hitting the intended sales base it was intended for. why should they try to appease the SF crowd? That makes almost as much sense as the SF making a stick to make MK fans happy.


I would like to add, although Sanwa and Seimitsu are Japanese parts in tern of popularity and where the company is HQ.
Their manufacturing is also done in CHINA. Hatting Happ solely because they are made in China makes no sense. Only Fanta (Korean) and IL do not have their manufacturing done in China.

Components. American components, Russian Components, ALL MADE IN TAIWAN! - Lev Andropov The Movie Armageddon 1998.

Those who wants the “American/European” Style parts and do not like Happ, can always go for IL.

What people should be more upset about is that PDP (Formerly Pelican) is manufacturing the MK9 Controller.
As much crap I and others given Mad Catz, I go with them over PDP. I am also expecting this thing to be a bitch to dual-mod considering the PDP Marvel Pad (although is common ground) needed every fricking button hacked to work in a dual-mod.


That things a beast !! Wish i can use it to play capcom tho. is that a plexi on top of it ?


This is why I’m holding off on my pre-order (that and gas is expensive).
If I can’t dual mod this, there’s no point in me getting it. I own a 360, the local scene is going to be running MK9 on PS3.
The collectors value is nice, having a stick that is also a massive stashbox is nice, but if I can’t play in tournaments on it, why bother?


Sorry i guess i just look at things with “best value” and versatility in mind. If i make decision to buy a stick, ANY stick, at the very least i damn sure want to be able to play it comfortably for more than one kind of game.

Also its not that much of a stretch with something like a 6-button vewlix layout, to assign your 4 attacks to the far right, with Run & block on the first row to the left.

Furthermore, having such a 6-button config does not automatically mean its a “Street fighter” stick. That set-up has been standard in arcades for years for plenty of other titles besides SF(a few button plugs and it becomes Teken favorable, change layout again and can be used for shooters, beat’em ups etc, etc).

However, layout & american parts aside, them not at least using the BEST of what american style has to offer is also annoying for reasons detailed above.

Anyway, yeah i know this release is meant for nostalgia, authentic original arcade, etc. Ok fine.

China or not, the huge difference there is Sanwa’s parts are all High-Quality. Whereas Happ’s have been substandard for a while now.

I remember there was even talk of them no longer using cherry switches! Yeesh.


You said it yourself. You’re not an MK fan. This isn’t made for you. Personally iL sticks are “ok” but they aren’t wonderful/perfect either. I would much rather go with an Ultimate Happ hard spring (old school MAS) but they aren’t made the same way anymore. You go with what is available and Happ is still the standard amongst sticks in terms of name quality and recognition.

I mean, you can say what you will about the stick, it’s sold out everywhere. It’s not hurting them making it SF and to understand that when you LICENSE something for MK you can’t just have a layout working for everything else, it’s specific for this game and was made for this game only.

You’re talking about convex buttons improving accuracy. I’ve been playing at high levels in tournaments for 20 years and I can tell you 100% that concave with cherries is not different than anything other US based button/switch. You are using the SAME part still, a cherry switch inside. The degradation on that has NOTHING to do with the buttons being convex. Convex buttons gave a pseudo Japanese feel but did no way shape or form help in execution. REAL Japanese Sanwa or Seimitsu don’t have the same type of degrading parts which is why those are better overall. Zangief PPP KKK test is always the kicker as degrading switches over time always tell the story.

I mean, for every person that likes Sanwa there are still people that like Happ stuff but if you aren’t a fan of this then there really is no point talking about it because even you saying things like Block and Run being at the top left make no sense. MK layout was specific to arcades for a reason. You going to press button 1 to block do a motion and button 6 for an Enhanced Move specific to that button? Hello awkwardness. If you don’t play MK and don’t understand their layout don’t try and change it to “you” specifications because “you” are a Sanwa/Japanese fan. I like Japanese stuff as well, but to talk down to something because you don’t like it and you have no plans on getting it even though it is sold out all over the place is EPIC FAIL on your end.


DreamTR: ^ Truth! Thanks.

I’m sure I stated that it was an ultimate joystick and the standard ultimate push buttons w/cherry microswitches (unless they’re clones) I questioned the black actuator too, because I RECENTLY ordered Happ parts for our MAME cab at work. The actuators are white, so when I saw the black actuator I was like :confused: so it very well be a ‘non-Happ joystick’ for the DISPLAY MODEL that was on hand.

<This guy prefers to play on old school Happ parts over the sanwa/seimitsu sticks, because its what I’ve been to use to for… damn 20+ years. Preference usually lies to what someone is accustomed and comfortable with. I love my MadCatz sticks, but will eventually convert my Cammy (DC MvC2) stick to play on PS3/Xb360. It uses competition everything and the comp joystick has a heavy spring installed to give it the p360 feel to it. IMO, I play better on that than my TEs, SEs, and Hori figtsticks.

I’m buying two of these for two reasons.

  1. I’m a big MK fanatic.
  2. I’m a hardcore gamer/collector. (So of course I’d have to get my hands on this prize!) <to me its a prize, because I love the franchise and I love Happ parts. I’m an OG

The only quality issue I noticed that has downgraded, were from the p360s. To each his own and I’m we understand where you are coming from and its cool (at least I do) but this was meant for MK fans… why in the world would they use a Capcom aka SF layout on THEIR MK fightstick? Other uses for the stick? Besides MK vs DC… MK2 and UMK3 from PSN/XBL!



I like arcade sticks too. I’m buying 4 of these.

lol :wink:


that is a beast of a joystick. I’m sure my bro will be snagging one!


This is a good thread. Please don’t troll it up complaining that it’s not Sanwa. Mad Catz has filled that niche.