Mortal Kombat HD Remix


I don’t know about you all but this HD remix of Mortal Kombat looks better than ST’s HDR remix:


Too bad Mortal Kombat always sucked dick and was only played for its gimmicks.



It is very impressive but without a re-worked gameplay I don’t see many people taking it serious.

Now, if he makes it like UMK3 but without infinites then he may have something really worth checking out.


You say that as if most would care about reworked gameplay. That wasn’t even a priority in MK games until later on.

Most would be playing this strictly for retro purposes… just like most re-releases these days.


Mortal Kombat reeks of autism, but it’s nowhere near Smash Bros’ stench of autismal dumbassery


Oh I wouldn’t argue that but it would be a shame to go through all that work and not fix the gameplay.


There’s a lot to fix, to the point where you might as well re-design the game. Should’ve remade UMK3 instead.


Its coming out?!?!!?!!!