Mortal Kombat impressions, gameplay videos and movelist breakdowns


My demo impressions for Mortal Kombat were posted on today. Hopefully it’s worth sharing :slight_smile:

Basically, I give a breakdown of the demo and describe all the elements I noticed, such as the the control scheme, controls, meter gain, etc. Some of these details might be redundant if you’ve been keeping up with the game.

I also uploaded 13 minutes of HD gameplay footage showing off how bad I am at the game and four additional videos going through each move for all four characters 1 by 1. There are screenshots for the movelist as well for quick reference.

I dunno if any of you remember, but I wrote an article last month about why you should be worried about Mortal Kombat. Having now played the game (and not just seeing it live), I have to say that many of my concerns can be put to rest. The demo made a believer out of me.