Mortal Kombat offline scene?

So, assuming there was ever to be a Mortal Kombat offline scene, which MK game do you think would be best to headline it?

We’ve been discussing it in this thread:

I would appreciate if you would vote in the poll in that thread to make it simpler for me, but just saying your choice here would be fine too.

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UMK3 seems to be in the lead so far.

ex-USSR countries are the UMK3 offline scene, basically. Because Sega Genesis UMK3 was imported there massively, while other fighting games (SF, KOF, SS etc) did not. UMK3 was unrivaled there until Tekken 3 brought some competition, and then those Guilty Gear PC ports. Mind that population there isnt too rich, so 10 years of forced MK hype was a given. Most young people there played mostly MK (but no other fighting games) in their childhood. I suppose it makes Ed Boon a national hero, lol.

It’s not even a choice. Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 is the best game in the series…like, far and away, it’s not even a debate.


UMK3 no doubt

It’s definitely a tie between UMK3 and MKDC right now, MKDC has gotten a LOT of votes on the poll for the other site.

MKU doesnt count…

UMK3 FTW! Seriously.

please no MKDC, I’d take UMK3 over those stupid button mashing sequences any day.

UMK3 has always been the best one.

Including being the last great one.

UMK3 is the best. MK2 is nothing but fireball spam

There honestly isn’t anything to discuss. No MK game can compare to UMK3.


imo MKvsDC is underrated. At least its a step in the right direction.

Armageddon kplzthx.

MK games get reasonable names.
MKDA was meant to show the deadly alliance of new engine and old roster.
MKD fooled fanbase into thinking it will be MKDA enhanced, but it turned out to be one big Deception (Bo Rai Cho’s jojutsu range was especially deceptive there)
MKA was released uncompleted and so it was an Armageddon of quality - mankind spend its last days mashing Kenshi’s one-button infinite and spamming Sareena knives on endless industrial-styles arenas with bland soundtracks; only to meet own end from hands of Komplete Antichrist Kombospammer (KAK) who wielded the power of infinite possibilities. Not so much possibilities for fatalities though.

My knowledge of competitive MK goes as far as spamming sweeps and uppercuting every jump-in as a kid on my SNES, but the impression I get from reading interviews and quotes is that Ed Boon doesn’t really give a shit about issuing a modern MK that’s fit for tournament play. I think it’s safe to assume UMK3 working well on a high level of play was a fluke that he won’t be able to replicate ever again

Well that’s too bad. But, I guess I’m not surprised it more about money these days after that MK+DC mashup.