Mortal Kombat offline scene?


Quoted for truth! MKII Sai spam vs. Wave/Ground Pound spam.


I refuse to acknowledge any MK game that isn’t UMK3.


UMK3, thread over.

I thought about this and sure, MKDC is…DECENT, but in order for it to be good you need to strap tons of rules to it. Honestly, is this a game that should be played at tournaments in a competitive level? Now when you play UMK3, it has plenty of depth and a (kind of) growing offline scene, that IS a tournament worthy game. I guess you can wait til’ MK9 because it has more time + WB’s money.


I really do have hope for MK9.

It’s MK’s last chance.


MK vs. DC? People played MK games beyond UMK3?


Have you seen the stupid infintes on mk vs dc… [media=youtube]LGJcXhDisY4"[/media]

[media=youtube]1cMZnSz20Cs&feature=related"[/media] This game is fucking horrible, do people even bother to analyze game mechanics before calling something the best game evar.

UMK3 is the best out of all of them, after getting a hold of some tourney vids and watching them I saw that this game was deep and filled with mind games unlike the mindlessness of other mk games. I learned the mechanics of mk deception and realized how horribly broken it was. MKDA was probably one of the best attempts at 3D mk but pales in comparison to umk3.


well to be fair it DOES look like the damage scales down to 0 even though you can keep comboing.

BUT, looking at youtube it looks like pretty much every character has an infinite. How ridiculous.


MKvsDC is [media=youtube]iABgrhiC-Y8&fmt=18[/media]



From the video description:

*if you deal the final blow to an opponent and chain it into the pro move version of superman’s breath attack, the game tries to go to the next round while the attack is going on. the animation for superman’s breath attack takes so long, the game tries to restore the opponent’s life for the next match, but the opponent is still being hit so it stays at 0. *

This is the saddest thing I’ve ever seen


All these MKDC vids are hilarious :rofl:

UMK3 is awesome though.


MK vs, DC doesn’t need that many rules, does it? Ban game breaking autowin glitches, superman can’t do the same ground pound twice in a row, only one flash reset per combo. The latter may not be necessary since that infinite does really low damage and can be breakered. Corner infinites require corners so aren’t game breaking.

It’s not even close to umk3 but it’s really not that bad. Breaker combos are pretty dumb though.


when you have to impose rules that the game doesn’t understand…it’s not a good game


Thx Fiol!

And yes UMK 3 is the way to go an… if you ppl allow me:

MKT on n64.

At high level is the MvC2 of the MK realm. Broken but fun as hell and hard to master.

Vid of proof:



MKT games would be good, if you ban all the bosses, even then Noob and Rain own everyone with brain dead infinite combos, take that away and there are still brain dead infinite combos.


Well MvC2 doesn’t “understand” banning the gambit glitch or winning by time out with a dead body infinite. Blazblue doesn’t “understand” banning [media=youtube]CsowWUfMMWk[/media]. Having to impose rules doesn’t make a game bad on its own, but it does when you need a laundry list of rules to make it playable a la SSBB. I don’t feel MK vs. DC is that low.


umk3 clearly


We already knew the answer to this thread was UMK3 (even people that don’t play).

This is a troll thread, sry. I mean, there’s opinions…then there’s just straight up facts.


I agree, but Chef isnt a troll. He just wanted to ask what SF players thought. He is a cool dude tho.


Clearly you don’t have the slightest idea of what a troll thread is.


I dunno, people play other MK games than UMK3?