Mortal Kombat PC (SFIV Tournament Edition PS3 Stick)

Hey everyone! I wanted to know if my PS3 SFIV Tournament Edition fightstick will work with Mortal Kombat (PC)? I’ve read that XBox sticks are the way to go on PC but I do not have a lot of money to be buying another stick. Is there some software and or drivers to update/install for the PS3 stick to work?

I have an AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series

Thank you anyone and everyone for all help in advance!

Why not plug your stick in and find out?

I did not buy the game yet and it will be the only PC fighting game I’ll have

You don’t need the game to find out if your stick works on your PC. Just plug it in, go to devices, right click, game controller settings, click properties and start pressing buttons. If nothing lights up or works, then you can’t use that stick. If it works, then it should work for any game that accepts controllers.