Mortal Kombat Prize Money Doubled! - MLG Winter Championship

Hey SRK, this is my first time posting on this site but I have been an avid fan of the Fighting Game Community since early 2007. I am just one of the staff that works at MLG and I just came to bring some news to your attention about the MLG Winter Championships that are coming up next weekend that will feature:
[]Mortal Kombat,
]King of Fighters XIII, and
[*]Soul Calibur V
on the circuit for our first event.

The news is in regards to the Mortal Kombat series and I just want to bring to your attention that the prize money for this tournament has DOUBLED to a total of $33,400 split amongst the top 8 placings.
[]1st Place: $12,000
]2nd Place: $7,200
[]3rd Place: $4,800
]4th Place: $3,200
[]5th/6th Place: $2,000
]7th/8th Place: $1,100
Remember the tournament runs from March 23-25 so buy your passes today!

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There aren’t many Mortal Kombat fans here. Try

In fact most SRK goers hate Mortal Kombat…

and most will make fun of you for your Smash Bros avatar. This is not-so-good marketing.

Thanks for the tip, I will definitely go do that. Just trying to spread the news amongst as many people as I can. If I can get just one person from this site to tell a friend about the tournament then I’ve done my job. =) Appreciate that though.


I’m sorry, I busted out laughing at Ryu about to throw a fireball at Matthew Slater(?).

SRK Illuminati talking with MLG Suits on twitter. MLG Suit Adam pretty much said their way is superior lol.

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