Mortal Kombat should include UMK3 or fixed Trilogy


Anyone agree?

I say it would help sales, and we would have back up incase MK2011 sucks/is ignored. I’m hoping it can be up there with SFIV/MVC3/KOF13/BB, ect, but with the PS2 era MK+DCU, people are going to be extra cautious, and scrutinize very hard. If this game isn’t near perfect, it’s gone. UMK3 is proven, still played, and waged a pretty good comeback. The main issue keeping UMK back right now is having to play on arcade, MAME or supergun, or other non-convenient apparatus.

There is the 360 version but it hasnt been available for years and you cant change the buttons, so meh.

Either that or a fixed Trilogy. By fixed, I mean slow the game down (Trilogy is faster than UMK3 by 33%), change the sounds sample rate and music to arcade quality, and have Shang able to morph into anyone, lastly change hitbox/character sizes/properties and proportions to UMK3 standards, with good online netcode, maybe some SP modes, and TRAINING MODE. I would vote for Trilogy because of some of the extra moves some people have, like Scorpion’s forward teleport, plus Raiden y0!

I think people would more easily buy the game, you get to try out MK2011, and if its good GREAT! But if not you still have a good/proven MK to play online.


I absolutely loved MKT, but the game is so bug ridden it’s basically unplayable, especially if you have the one button fatalities and other cheats on.

I never really got a chance to play UMK3 too much in comparison.


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Still shocking… Must be seen. Warning: it’ll blow your mind.


To serve as the tag button in 2v2 mode?


lol…i almost fell out of my seat in shock when he first mentioned he thought it might be a wavenet board. nonetheless, it’s a rare and incredible find.


That is beyond incredible. Hope he does a rom dump eventually.


A guy finds an arcade version of MK3 that nobody even knew existed and this happens to occur a day before April Fools’ Day. C’mon son.

I would be more inclined to believe it if the evidence in the video wasn’t so easy to fake. The hardest part about faking this would be overlaying the life bars and such over the part where Raiden is fighting Liu Kang on the Pit from MK1, but if you watch that part closely, the life bars and stuff are just slightly out of alignment with where it is in the rest of the clips, and it all shifts back to the left in the next clip.

Would’ve been much harder to fake gameplay, which is probably why he didn’t show any of that.