Mortal Kombat The Darkside Chronicles (Streetfighter IV PC Mod)


Mortal Kombat The Darkside Chronicles
(Streetfighter IV PC Mod)



Older videos with more characters




Sorry for the long time to post it but the upload speed and line here in Greece sucks, i try to upload it almost 3 months and always after 2 days of continuing upload i always got a message that failed (at fileserve or rs or sendspace…)
This is a standalone Streetfighter IV mod (Nothing needed and don’t wait something great it is a fan mod), simple follow this

  1. Extract the file
  2. Open the "1st Step" file
  3. Open the "for install" file
  4. Than open and install all of the subfolders from inside (DirectX, Redistributables, Reg)
  5. If you want to unlock all the characters open Street Fighter IV Unlocker and than run the game
  6. Have fun & enjoy!!!


  1. The rivals(cutscenes & stages) doesn't work good for all the characters (buggy animation and skeleton)
  2. Few buggy animation to some characters but it is not a big problem

And few credits

  A big thanks to the users of and for all the help and stuffs.
Please this fan made mod for Capcom game Street Fighter IV with the Midway/WB/Netherrealm studios Mortal kombat characters 
is a work from Kostasishere and the help in tips from few users of and and don't remove it from
the notes of other Uploads. Thank's a lot.

Download it here and have fun with it :wink:


Nice work dude. Looks very polished.


Don’t have the PC version, but this looks awesome.


Have fun guys :wink:


I’m going to have to tell my friend about this!


wow! really love the graphics