Mortal Kombat to get Arcade-style Cabinet for Retail Stores? **Updated**

TRMK - Mortal Kombat News - Mortal Kombat To Get Arcadestyle Cabinet For Retail Stores

wtf at the one player “cab” with a SF stick?

other than that, i fapped.

At least mod the damn stick with a MK template, and bury it so it is flush.

Any of the UMK3 dudes gonna be at Germany or Seattle test/demo sites? Can’t wait to see more of this game!

SF4 Madcatz sticks: lol wut?

I think this is cool, but has some thoughts.

How would they enforce the arcade “X” layout if there is no arcade version?

To me, how I am going to play it (on a 6 button controller layout) is I will use LK for block, then the right 4 buttons for the attack buttons. LP wouldn’t be used here.

I wonder what the default layout will be if they do an official arcade stick. Because on a controller, the 4 face buttons would be attacks and block would be any of the shoulder buttons.

Can’t wait to see this!


I lol’d as well.

MK9 cabs for Gamestop managers meetings

Pads? wtf?

would be cool

Seems obvious that you can plug in a stick. Smart choice.

I wonder how much WB would sell one of those cabs for.