Mortal Kombat Tournament Fight Stick for PC usage?


I really hope it works on PC cause I have big plans for this stick and my MAME collection. Most games from the 80’s and early 90’s only use a few buttons anyway so the layout won’t really affect them and will be great to play on an American stick again! I’m very confident it will work on PC. They really seem to have their act together and don’t seem to just want to be on the scene… but also make that scene it’s bitch and show how peeps have been getting fat and lazy. With as much effort as they are putting into everything… I would be shocked at this point if they dropped the ball on something like this.


Same here! Besides that I can play MK9, MK2, and MK Trilogy (PS1) on the PS3 with the fightstick, I’m hoping just as well that it works with MAME so that I can have the “truest” arcade experience of MK1, 2, 3, and UMK3.


I don’t see why ANY PS3 or 360 controller would not work fine on the Pc, including the MK9 stick.


To follow up on what I said earlier on playing the PS1 MK Trilogy with the fightstick on the PS3, what do you think is a good button layout/configuration for MK9 that plays more like the classic MKs (1-4)? You know, the LP/HP/LK/HK style? I’ve been more acquainted with that attack setup when I played MK4 & Trilogy when I was 6 (my first 2 fighting games in my life :D).


any 360 stick/wired pad is compatible right outta the box for windows.

PS3…not sure. We’ll know later this week.




How is the stick? Feels strong, durable, sensitive buttons?


I have not used the stick myself, but as someone who has extensive experience with the Happ / IL catalogue of parts I can tell you that the buttons are not going to be very sensitive compared to Sanwa or Seimitsu parts. They use big 'ol cherry switches like you find in a joystick, so they have a farther activation and reset distance meaning you have to press harder and deeper (yes, I know that’s what she said) than you do with Japanese sticks, unless you mod them. Also, they are convex which is not a very popular design for fighting games.

IL does make a nice drop-in replacement called “competition butons,” which have a convex surface, which means a larger surface and easier activation.

Unfortunately, the stock switch is still a cherry switch, which still has the sensitivity problem. There are replacement switches you can buy that have better sensitivity that work on both the MK stick’s stock buttons and the IL competition buttons that make them more sensitive, like how Japanese buttons are. Groovy Game Gear makes ones called “micro-leafs,” which I used on my last Happ stick project.

Micro-Leaf Arcade Pushbutton Switches [MICROLEAF001] - $2.49 :, Always the best in Arcade, Jukebox, Kiosk, Gaming and Industrial controls

It looks like a solid stick for MK fans overall, but I would definitely want to replace the parts with a proper IL Competition joystick and pushbuttons if I was going to use it.


Think its worth getting if I already have a TE round 2?


Imo… YES!!! And I have 2 TE’s along with some other sticks. Def worth every penny. I plan on playing MK9 quite a bit, along with all the other mk’s on mame. I also plan on playing a lot of mame games with it. Playing galaga and turtles in time just feels wrong on a TE.


Awesome! Got mine ordered from tfegames!


I was lucky enough to pick up a tournament edition MK bundle today. My local gamestop got an extra. So with no preorder i was able to grab one.

So far, It’s not terrible for what it is. The actual design is very nice. They button layout is spaced a little more than i’d like. The parts aren’t as good as japanese parts, but for Mortal Kombat, they work fine.


OMG! The stick is going to eat that poor little laptop! DO SOMETHING!


I know right!! hahah And my laptop is a beast! 17’ Dell, makes my gf’s mac look like a toy. I feel embarrassed sometimes when I pullout my laptop its so big. In the pic it’s even sitting on a lap thingy that boost it 3’ taller. The MK9 stick is so big it should start a whole series of “Your arcade stick is so big” jokes. Sadly, it looks even more ridiculous sitting on my desk in front of my Asus Evo. Damn thing is so big I need a fucking booster seat to see over it!


Seeing it get home usage makes me want one.

I want to hook it to my netbook.


I got the tourney edition today (I missed the UPS truck yesterday). I am proud to say that I have tested the fight stick on the PC and it was a flawless victory! (pun intended). I just beat MK4 using project64 with it and it works great on MAME.


is there drivers for stick for mac os x?


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