Mortal Kombat Trilogy Arcade Perfect!

MKT hit the PS1 sometime around September of 96 and even though Im big on MK (most 1,2,3 and Ultimate) MKT was definetly a dissapointment. It was cool when it first came out but as the game evolved it became more and more stupid. Alot of aspects were missing like stages for one,missing frames etc. if Midway wasnt so lazy back then Trilogy would have been a really good game if it were released on the Arcade. Heres what I think should have been done to make Trilogy Arcade Perfect!

  1. Eliminate the 4 bosses as playable
  2. Add ALL the stages in. Alot of stages from part 1 were missing. (Courtyard, 2nd level after Courtyard, Statue Level, Shang TShung’s Throne Room)
  3. Keep all the music original. (The Pit level from part 1 for instance has MK3 music on it to note one of a few)
  4. Give the Old school chracters frames. They just went plain lazy here, OG has they’re walk frame as a run. Poor! :tdown: Either that or just dont give them run at all, take away auto combo and make them deal damage.
  5. Tone down chracters. Chracters are stupidly over prioritized and broken!
  • Eliminate Raidens backwards FB.
  • Slow down Noob’s disiabler FB.
  • Tweak and eliminate all infinate capable combo’s. UMK3 had 100%'s I belive but no infinites. Old Kano is broken!
  1. Fight all Bosses on they’re respective platforms. (Goro in Goro’s lair, Kintaro the Arena)
  2. No Boss Endurance fights. At all.(Kintaro and Goro as an endurance match) There are 30 + characters in the game, theres no need for bosses to be set to endurance fights. Keep them solo.

Now Trilogy COULD have been good if they actually took they’re time and actually cared but oh well. Some friends of mine were actually talking about doing MKT over as a mugen or something but I doubt that’ll work!
Oh well looking foward to MK 6!!! :tup:

i think that is what you are looking for

i hate mk, but I always hated how they they wouldnt give that johnny cage dude his money, and then they had that random dude play johnny cage who refused to do the split punch, so he didnt get that move in teh game. How retarded.

I’m surprised they didn’t produce a NEW MK trilogy game, that has all characters from the last 3 games.

Personally I think they should remake MKT for the PS2 ala Midway arcade treasures (See MK3 on MAT) they could pretty much load the whole thing into memory and fix everything from the missing frames to Shangs morphs.

2d MK could be fire if they gave all the characters different original hitting angles, frames, and properties with their basic punches and kicks. If they DO have it that way, then pardon my ignorance. Atleast the moves should have the appearance of being different.

Broken and Im not talking about the link!

Seriously though MidWay was just plain lazy going into Trilogy. As the last compilation of the series (2D), they could have put some work into it. It clearly wasnt beta tested properly.

Ed Boon: As the creator it would be cool to put me in the game. I’ll be a secret chracter in UMK3 and when we do The Trilogy game I’ll be in that too but playable.

MK Staff: Cool concept man, but how?

Ed Boon: I dunno just make me one of the damn ninja’s I dont care!!

MK Staff: Uhhh, OK… black we dont have a black ninja or white for that matter!

Ed Boon: Black is fine but like dark!

MK Staff:we’ll make a gimmic out of it your name.
Noob, Noob, Noob…Noob Saibot like that!

Ed: Yeah, give me like some cheap shit!

A couple of years later!

Ed: Nice… Noob can disable fools moves and physicals completely for a period of time. Good job!
Uhhh all that other stuff looks good to…ok lets release this baby already!!!

MK Staff: Shouldnt we test it out a little more!

Ed: We have 4 to work on and they’res no time! People will buy it so it doesnt matter!
You throw out a bowl of water and some meat they’ll come trust me!!

Ed/ MK Staff: hahahahahaahahah

Man you know how much ownage I used to lay down with Tsung. I would morph into Kahn and Motaro and just lay fuckers out :lol: Only on Sega Saturn the bitch had to load in between morphs :tdown:

How about the N64 version of the game?

Does it have the missing stuff from the ps1 ver.?

The only difference I rember is that the N64 ver. of Khameleon had the female nin’s while the PS1 ver. of Chameleon had the male nin’s.

no clasic characters and i dont remember if u could play as bosses
the whole aggressor thing was fucking gay to i always shut that shit off

-Bosses are playable, only Shao Kahn and Motaro. But you have to be at a certain stage and hold certain buttons down like how you get Human Smoke. Also, they have fatalities.
-Also, no slowdown on Shang Tsung’s morphs.
-Music sounds different.
-No Unmasked Sub-Zero. Just Classic Sub-Zero with both masked and unmasked move and Classic Sub’s fatalities.

Aggressor was a dumb idea, as if combos didnt do enough already. At least yeah you have the option to turn it off.
The reason why I say they should have taken out Bosses all together is because they were too strong! Shoa Kahn is the best character in the game seconded by Goro. He can infinate all the Bosses I believe with that Spinning Punch across the screen move. The hit frames for that move is just all wrong. All the new moves they gave most of the characters are broken as well like Old Kano’s spinning Blade, Rayden’s fireball that comes from behind and if you throw the regular one rightafterwards you dont even see it!
The game is good for laughs and spoofing!
JOP vs EVERYONE at NEC and JOP mopped the floor with everyone with his Shoa Kahn!
Even Julien couldnt beat him!

Actually on the N64 version, Motaro seem to have a cheap 100% combo. I used to remember my cousin always picks him and always does Towards+Any Kick x 4 alot. But I think that’s those “blocked OTGs”. Also, I think in this version, he could also multi fireball by just doing the same motion alot.

Yeah MKT could of been the greatest MK ever.

Midway needs to make a MKT Special Edtion, with every fighter (bosses too) from MK1-UMK3, every version of those fighters, every background, a couple of new fighters, a couple of new backgrounds, two new bosses, all arcade perfect and arcade perfect versions of MK1-UMK3.